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  • Welcome to Bosca 110

    January 27, 2021
    A year of exploring Bosca's rich Italian American history.
  • Working from Home: Day 216

    October 16, 2020
    Remember back in March (I remember it was the 13th) when they said that this would be over in 8 weeks? Right. And are you still working at home?
  • Wine, Leather, and Wallets

    October 7, 2020
    A brief note on the interconnection between leather and fine wine from Christopher Bosca.
  • Comfort Food Part II:  Minestrone

    October 4, 2020
    We’re into week four of quarantine. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, and our spirits were lifted. Today is cold and grey again. This makes it the perfect time for the next installment of comfort food.
  • Mint Julep With an Italian Twist

    August 14, 2020
    For this instalment of the Bosca blog it was decided to do something different. Without further adue, here is Bosca's Italian take on the classic American Mint Julep.
  • A Belt For Every Occasion

    August 12, 2020
    From backyard BBQ's to a night out on the town, the new Bosca belt collection has a style for every style.
  • The 2020 Leather Show in Milan

    July 4, 2020
    When I visited the Milan leather show in late February, Coronavirus was just rearing its head outside of China. The show was busy and optimistic. Here we are walking into the rather spectacular convention center.
  • Best Leather for Wallets

    July 2, 2020
    When it comes to choosing the right wallet, the material is a key factor worth considering. Leather is an ideal material for its beauty, durability, and overall longevity. There are several types of leather available so it may be overwhelming at first. We have compiled the best leather for wallets to help narrow down the choices
  • New Style Men's Wallets

    July 2, 2020
    The days of men's wallets coming in just one type are over for good. The man of today wants plenty of options to help narrow it down to the perfect wallet for his lifestyle and mood. With so many options available, you may need help narrowing down the right new style men's wallets for your collection. Here are the most common new style men's wallets on the market for the man of today.
  • Modern Men's Wallets

    June 18, 2020
    The man of today knows that style and function should be effortlessly rolled into one wallet. The days of wallets only meeting the need of carrying bills has been replaced with a more personalized approach. When it comes to modern men's wallets, many of the most popular options on the market today take a streamlined approach to keep up with the needs of the modern man. The man of today wants an option to carry all the necessities without adding too much bulk. Let's take a closer look at the details behind this trend, as well as a few suggestions for modern men's wallets.