Leather Backpack

Leather Backpack

Life is a beautiful journey made even more enjoyable by the right travel companions. With a fine Italian leather backpack, make each day a beautiful experience for the man of style and standards. Bosca's Italian leather backpacks are the perfect mix of form and function. Crafted from the finest leather which is inspected personally by the owner of the company, no detail is overlooked. As each of the leather backpacks in our collection age through use, they begin to wear in, developing their own unique patterns and personalities. Browse the collection of exceptionally crafted men's leather backpacks for the perfect companion for your journey today.

Bosca Dolce Leather Backpack 6002-217 217 Amber Front
Bosca Dolce Leather Backpack 6002-217 217 Amber color-swatch-299-4645
Bosca Dolce Leather Backpack 6002-218 218 Dark Brown color-swatch-298-4646
Dolce Leather Backpack
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Bosca Crosby Leather Backpack 6000-219 219 Black
Bosca Crosby Leather Backpack 6000-219 219 Black color-swatch-311-4996
Bosca Crosby Leather Backpack 6000-217 217 Amber color-swatch-299-5026
Bosca Crosby Leather Backpack 6000-218 218 Dark Brown color-swatch-298-5027
Crosby Leather Backpack
Bosca Pathfinder All Leather Backpack 6020-217 217 Amber
Bosca Pathfinder All Leather Backpack 6020-217 217 Amber color-swatch-299-5018
Bosca Pathfinder All Leather Backpack 6020-218 218 Dark Brown color-swatch-298-5019
Bosca Pathfinder All Leather Backpack 6020-219 219 Black color-swatch-311-5020
Pathfinder All Leather Backpack
Bosca Cafe Leather Backpack 6004-217 217 Amber
Bosca Cafe Leather Backpack 6004-217 217 Amber color-swatch-299-5238
Bosca Cafe Leather Backpack 6004-218 218 Dark Brown color-swatch-298-5239
Bosca Cafe Leather Backpack 6004-219 219 Black color-swatch-311-5241
Cafe Leather Backpack
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World travelers, style-savvy entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers alike will love the endless beauty and utility of our Italian leather backpacks. We make our backpacks durable, so they'll stay with you through every coffee run and last-minute flight. Bosca uses only the top one percent of the world's leather supply to guarantee the best possible quality for all of our products, including our men's leather backpack. Hailing from a century of leatherworking tradition, a leather backpack bearing our name brings a rich sense of heritage seeped in classic appeal.

Each of our meticulously crafted pieces has a personality as unique as the person who carries it. A Crosby Leather Backpack in black offers a sleek, effortless style, while the Pathfinder All Leather Backpack in brown showcases your love for adventure. From vintage-style Washed pieces to soft, polished Dolce designs, our collections offer a little something for everyone.

Assert your independence with a designer leather backpack today. Features like RFID-blocking, spacious storage compartments, and padded shoulder straps ensure your comfort and security when you're on the go. Whether you're meeting a client across town or trekking through Europe, our men's leather backpacks thrive with daily use and only get better with time. Add function and style to any journey with one of these artfully crafted selections.