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Aperol Spritz

June 28, 2022

   Picture this; you’ve finished your work for the day and are finally able to step outside into the warm summer air. You begin to feel relaxed after a long week, but feel like something is missing. So you begin your walk home and as you step across the town square a bright orange drink in a round glass catches your eye. A group of friends are laughing and chatting with each other as they sip on their delicious cocktails. You wonder, what is that delectable looking drink? 

   Well, Bosca is here to answer that question. Originally from the Northeast of Italy, the aperol spritz is a wildly popular Italian cocktail most often enjoyed in the warmer summer months. Traditionally it has been served as an aperitif (a drink served prior to a meal) it has taken on a new life as both an aperitif and a standalone cocktail. While a classic of the Italian menu, the aperol spritz has gained significant popularity among all (legal) ages in recent years. Its citrus tones and slightly bitter flavor have stolen the heart (or tastebuds) of thousands and for good reason. Taking a sip of an aperol spritz feels like taking a sip of sunshine right out of a pleasant evening sky. 

   So, what exactly is in an aperol spritz and how is this tasty treat made? While there are many variations of the drink, for this example we are going to explore a classic style aperol spritz using prosecco, bitters, and soda water. Aperol is bitter, but is also sweet. Preferably you should choose a dry prosecco. Look for one that is“brut”. In the world of sparkling wines “extra dry” is at the sweet end of the scale with up to 18 grams of residual sugar per liter. “Brut” is one step more dry (12g residual sugar) while “Extra brut” and “brut nature” are progressively more dry.

The drink is as easy to make as it is to drink. Simply combine:

  • Prosecco
  • 3 ounces
  • Aperol
  • 2 ounces
  • Soda water
  • Splash to taste.
  • Orange slice

Combine in a large white wine glass:

  1. Ice
  2. Though optional you might want to add an orange twist before. Before assembling the other ingredients twist a bit of orange peel over the glass and rub along the lip of theglass.
  3. Add Aperol, Prosecco, and orange slice.
  4. Serve with a salty snack like roasted almonds or peanuts. 

So sit back, take a sip, enjoy your new favorite drink, and don't forget to check back for the next recipe! 


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