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Boulevardier: French Name, Italian Liquor, and an American soul

February 8, 2023

In the mid-1920s, an American writer moved to Paris and was introduced to the classic Negroni cocktail. With his curious American spirit, he asked himself, "What if this had bourbon in it?" And thus, the Boulevardier was born!

At Bosca, we have a special connection to the Boulevardier. Our roots are deeply ingrained in American culture, while the finesse of Italian techniques and the quality of french ingredients heavily influence our production style.

So, how do we create our version of this timeless classic?

First, we mix equal parts...

• Four Roses Bourbon, which is equal parts smooth and bold. 

• Carpano Classico Rosso Vermouth. Rich and velvety, vermouth is critical to the           charming character of the drink.

• Campari. Complex and zesty, it's an Italian cocktail legend.

We then shake the ingredients with ice until the mixture is perfectly chilled and combined.

Finally, we strain the mixture over fresh ice in a highball glass and garnish it with a juicy orange twist for a pop of color and a touch of sweetness.

Join us in raising a glass to this timeless masterpiece, the Boulevardier!

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