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Designs of the Monfrini Collection

May 2, 2022

   The Monfrini Collection was designed by Christopher Bosca and is produced in our Bosca Italia factory near Firenze, Italy. The collection offers men and women a line of wallets, bags, and personal accessories. With this collection we wanted something bold and bright. Maybe we were beginning to feel that the pandemic might pass someday. Maybe it was our enthusiasm over the launch of our Bosca Italia factory. Whatever it was, we reached instinctively for this leather. It takes color well and inspires clean, minimalistic, but elegant design. For both the men’s and women’s groups we made the crisp, clean, black-coated edges a featured element, front and center.


We also looked for every opportunity to showcase the tone-on-tone texture contrast of the pebble-grained and smooth leathers.

(see our blog on the leather.)



We launched the collection in 6 colors, including bold reds and blues. For Spring ‘22 we are augmenting the selection with new tone-on-tone colorways, as well as new contrast colorways.

All of these clean lines called to my mind the slot-pocket construction of years past. Looking back at the archive of Bosca products there are many examples of this design motif. As can happen, this eventually fell out of fashion. There is much to be said for the technique, however including the use of fewer cut parts, and fewer layers of leather. Simplicity can itself be beauty, so we have borrowed this element from our archives.

It also has the benefit of making the wallets thin and slim. It speaks to the minimalist vibe. The slots are open by about 1.5mm, a nod to function and ease of use. Each interior edge is just as painstakingly edge-coated as all of the other raw-cut (or in Italian taglia netto) edges.

Design at Bosca is never skin deep. Each style is design/engineered with just the right amount of interior support for the leather. Our goal is an indefinable, but distinct, “roundness” of feel. We re-made flaps numerous times, for instance, to find the perfect technique.

In keeping with the Bosca design ethos the Monfrini Collection come from a place of classic styling. Our goal is to invigorate the classic with just the right degree and direction of something different. We hope you feel that we have done our job well.

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8 Pocket Wallet Monfrini Contrast

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Italia Slim 8 Slot Pocket Wallet

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