Spiral Calendar Refill for Address Book / Weekly Minder - 2020

Spiral Calendar Refill for Address Book / Weekly Minder - 2020
  • Spiral Calendar Refill for Address Book / Weekly Minder - 2020
  • Spiral Calendar Refill for Address Book / Weekly Minder - 2020
  • Spiral Calendar Refill for Address Book / Weekly Minder - 2020

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  • This product is a standard Bosca stationery replacement or filler item.
  • 5" x 8"


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  • Hugo Bosca
  • Mario & Orsino Bosca
  • Chris Bosca
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Customer Reviews

Average Review 4.85
Leather Planner

I have had my planner for almost 15 years & it is still in excellent condition, the quality of there leather is beautiful & I reorder my paper filler every year. This was given to me as a gift, best gift ever.

Paula November 8, 2019
Best Quality

This Spiral Calendar refill is, like all of the Bosca products, the highest quality. I've been getting them for almost two decades now, and hope to continue to get them for decades to come.

Myles July 16, 2019
Great Weekly Minder

Great Calendar but I received two copies in separate envelopes. I only need and want to pay for one. What would you like me to do with the extra copy?? It would be a bother to mail the extra one back to Bosca, but I do not need it. Maybe someone else can use it??

John L. Pitts July 8, 2019
Paper calendars are never "accidentally " deleted!

My leather bound calendar from Bosca has served me well for over 20 years! Although I also use my I phone calendar, I "always" back up everything in my Bosca calendar. And I've kept the inserts over the years and have been able to retrieve important medical, travel, and tax and business information that otherwise we wouldn't have specific dates with names. Call me old fashioned... but I like paper and the time worn feel of excellent leather!

Ginny Baer November 10, 2017
My old friend...

I have had my calendar since 1992 and could not live without it. The old fashioned gal that I am, I still enjoy a paper calendar, recorded with a pen. I treasure this old weathered book and always look forward to a new calendar each year. Thanks, Bosca, for being there for the past 25 years.

Susie Dismuke September 20, 2017
I received a calendar for 2016 (which I alrady have) even though I ordered one for 2017!

Very disappointed. I have ordered calendars for many years and this is the first time something so ridiculous has happened. I did call and was told that the 2017 calendars were not in yet even though the re-order form had appeared in my present calendar. Fortunately, I was told that a 2017 would be sent as soon as they are received by your company.

June Messinger June 24, 2016
Spiral minder

I have been using it for more than 20 years. I really depend on it for keeping a hectic schedule on track.

John Dahlstrom November 20, 2015
great product

I have been using the same monthly reminder calendar with refills for many years.
Great product

Odile Gres September 18, 2015
good product

bought for my daughter

Jo Thompson September 18, 2015
always great always happy with the monthly minder refill

always happy with prompt delivery and condition of refill

peggy September 9, 2015
History of Quality

I continue to get the finest quality of products every year. My favorite day planners have lasted me for years. Thanks

Tim Valluzzo January 29, 2015
Nice refill

Nice refill

Gloria Byrne November 11, 2014
Love it!!

I have always loved anything I buy or get as a gift from you-all. The Monthly Minder leaves more then enough area to write whatever I need, and my handwriting is large!!!

Carol Nomash October 30, 2014
Excellent product

I have been using the BOSCA spiral monthly minder for several years. The monthly minder is convenient and easy to use. A good quality product. In the quality leather BOSCA binder, it is very professional looking.

William Gaines September 22, 2014
It's a good reminder

It's very good and convenience to remind me in every day life..

Biguang Tao September 20, 2014
My Husband's Planner

I bought this planner for my husband a little less than 25 years ago. He used it sporadically for about 6 months. I took it over and have used it since. I tried the Palm Pilot for a while, (He purchased it for me.) and I couldn't wait to put it in a drawer and go back to Bosca Planner. I tried the iPhone too-no way! I keep the past calendars as a journal/diary of our family. I will continue with this format as long as I can get a refill, so keep printing!! Oh, and it's still in great shape.

Shannon September 5, 2014
great, have been ordering for 15-20 years

consistent...good product. I have had my daytimer probably 20 years

Juli Blunt September 3, 2014
Well Made

Every year I get my spiral refill for my date book, the quality is great & other products I have purchased has always been well made & wonderful.

Paula Marie Gill August 27, 2014
Great product

I have been using the spiral bosco refill for several years. It is the good size and very helpful to stay organized

Odilegres December 28, 2013
Excellent planner

This planner really helps me stay organized. The papers do not tear out of the spiral which lets me keep it as a reference for the following year.

Faige Krausz December 9, 2013
Excellent product. I have tried others and always return to Bosca.

Excellent product. I have tried others and always return to Bosca.

Dr. Kay Schanzer December 5, 2013
Using Bosca for years

I've been using the Bosca Calendar for years...wouldn't think about using any other product!

Cherylanne Martin November 27, 2013
I've been using the Bosca Leather Planner for years...wouldn't think about changing to any other product...it's a tradition to purchase the next year for Thanksgiving!

I've been using the Bosca Leather Planner for years...wouldn't think about changing to any other product...it's a tradition to purchase the next year by Thanksgiving!

Cherylanne Martin November 27, 2013
Reliable useful calendar

I bought this as a gift for my husband over 20 years ago. He loves it as it is just the right size for him.

Julieta Booz November 3, 2013
Have been ordering this for years !!!!!!!!


Debra Archer November 2, 2013
great product

perfect layout

Rand Levitt October 25, 2013
it's good for refill

it's good

biguang Yao October 24, 2013
Great layout-Used Since 1987 (yes, really)

I received the leather planner when I graduated high school and have used it ever since! Yes, it has held up with minimal wear for 26+ years of almost every day use. Highly recommend.

Kristin October 21, 2013

Love the ease of keeping this monthly planner instead of on my phone. I need it in front of me!

Kim Lopez October 17, 2013
The best!

I have had my Bosca Day Timer for over 20 years now and it is still in excellent shape! I have been able to get a refill calendar every year and when necessary have gotten address books or refill tablets as well. You can not ask for better service than to be able to purchase exactly what you need for over 20 years! Thank you!

Lisa Hodgkins October 15, 2013
I purchase similar product nearly every year, and have built my schedule around it.

Simple, Top quality

william mack October 14, 2013

I have used the Bosca calendar since 1997. I have had the same leather case since that time and it is wonderful shape. I have used if for 16 years and know I will be able to use it for at least another 30 years. I like the way the calendar is set up, the space and information provided and the attention to detail. This is an excellent product at a great price.

Jolie Maxwell October 12, 2013
An excellent product.

I have used these calendars for years in several leather Bosca binders, which are also excellent products. The calendars are functional, easy to use and contain a great deal of information such as international holidays and area codes. Overall, an excellent product.

James Murphy October 12, 2013

I rely on the product daily!!

julie villa October 10, 2013

5 Stars

Mary Miller October 10, 2013
Great product that I can't seem to live without

I have been buying the calendar refill for my Bosca leather organizer for at least 8 years! With all the new electronic calendars, I rely on this. Still a great product!

Cindy Anderson October 10, 2013
Its very easy to use. Very convenient.

Its very easy to use. Have coverage for every subject. I am very happy with it.

candan yurdakul October 9, 2013
important part of daily reminders

the older I get the more important it becomes

chipp wehle October 9, 2013
perfect planning calendar

this calendar offers daily and monthly entries that helps keeping me organized.

dave October 9, 2013
Review of Monthly Minder Refill

After college graduation, I landed a job in NYC right in the heart of mid-town. I received my first paycheck and wanted to celebrate by buying something "professional". So I went into Bloomingdales and purchased a beautiful black leather Bosca planner, complete with an Address Book and Day Calendar. That was 20 years ago!! Today I own a thriving business and rely on my planner every day to help me organize work/life balance. Despite the electronic and digital age we are living in, I still prefer to open my perfect little black book and scribble my daily and weekly activities and reminders. I highly recommend this product and hope it brings 20 years of organized living to many career-minded professionals everywhere!

Mary October 9, 2013
Great Old School Day Book

Not being too fond of electronic devices, I have used this organizer for more than 20 years. It is exceedingly well formatted and up to the exeellent standards of BOSCA quality ... very simple, easy to use with some helpful information regarding holidays and such.

Irving Armstrong October 9, 2013
Love My Bosca Calendar

I bought this leather yearly calendar many years ago and it's held up very well as it's so well-made. I refill every year with the monthly minder refill (and every few years I replace the address book) and it's perfect for helping me stay organized. It's compact, convenient and I really like the layout.

A. Owens October 9, 2013
Very handy and usable calendar

I began using the Bosca monthly calendar in the leather binder in 2005. I find it to be a very handy and usable planning aid. In additional to being usable, it is attractive to carry to meetings and professional gatherings. It also becomes a handy archives for past events. A great planning document. Very convenient size.

William Gaines October 9, 2013
Very Good, except for price

I have used this refill since I was given my daily planner leather book in high school (1973).
I use my planner everyday. I can only complain about the cost. I think that's a lot of money for a refill. I have searched stores looking for a less expensive refill but have been unable to find one that works with my leather book.

Kathryn Nardini October 9, 2013
Great product, I have been buying this refill or years.

see above.

Lawrence Kennedy October 9, 2013
My Brain

This leather covered calendar is what keeps me sane and organized and saves me many embarrassing moments by helping me to remember everything I have done and will need to do. I commonly refer to it as "my brain", especially when I cannot find it. All family members including grandchildren know exactly what I mean when I exclaim "Where is my brain?". It has been an essential part of my daily life for over twenty years!

Hancel Cody October 9, 2013
Great calendar!

I still prefer to see my calendar on paper, and this product lets me see the whole month at a glance.

Barbara October 9, 2013

I've had my Bosca for over 8 years and use it on a daily basis. It's a bit scratched but otherwise looks good. The stitching has held and the snap still works which is remarkable. I use both the month-at-a-glance page and individual pages in the refill. I use the 3-month view at the bottom of the page frequently.

Susan Wells October 9, 2013

I have had the same Bosca planner for over 15 years. I re-order the calendar each year for it. The leather gets better with age. A great, quality, lasting product! Forever client!

Jessica Cortes October 9, 2013
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