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  • Luna Super-Slim Zip-Top Brief
  • Parker Slim Full-Zip Brief
  • Double Gusset Flapover Bag
  • Flapover Briefcase
  • Flapover Briefcase
  • Double Gusset Brief Bag
  • Large Partners Briefcase
7 Items
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Made with care and attention to each detail, these women's laptop cases are rooted in a deep sense of tradition and a respect for beauty. Our sense of tradition is evident in the hand-stained leather created in Italy. With a rich Italian heritage and a careful process to bring out the unique grain, our leather is always an endeavor of love for beauty. When leather is cared for and curated in such a manner, the end result is a creation that is more like art than mere accessory. With stunning grain to bring out the beautiful color and antique hardware for a striking contrast in appearance, our selections are sure to please from the first use to the last. Best of all, the quality and craftsmanship of these pieces ensures a beauty that will grow as the leather wears in rather than wears out. True beauty only grows with age and these bags stand as a testament to that idea.

When looking for an elegant yet powerful women's leather laptop bag, find a range of styles and sizes to up your status with ease. From sleek portfolio envelopes to flapover briefcases, take the day with you wherever the journey leads and stay in control of business. Order today and experience the timeless appeal of extraordinary Italian leather goods crafted with the utmost of care.

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