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Who's Talking About Bosca

How To Travel Light

Avi soor @ suited soor // Aug 30, 2018
Who's Talking About Bosca
“The Tuscan Duffle Bag is Perface bag for light travel. With ...Read More

Backpacking Around Boston With My New Bosca Bag

Ian Michael Crumb // May 28, 2018
Who's Talking About Bosca
“Backpacking around Boston with my new Bosca Leather bag ...Read More

Father's Day 2018 Gift Guide, By Personality Type

David Hochman @ Forbes // May 27, 2018
“Even though family-owned Italian leather company Bosca ...Read More

Special Effects: Bosca Bag

Passport Magazine // Apr 1, 2018
Who's Talking About Bosca
“The Vintage Duffel bag is perfect for traveling around the ... Read More

The Bosca Partners Brief: A Classic That's Thoroughly Modern

Chris Hogan @ Off the Cuff // Dec 18, 2017
Who's Talking About Bosca
“Simply stated, it’s an exceptional bag. Construction is impeccable and adheres to Bosca’s well-known focus on detail and quality... Read More

Passport: Places, Trends, Culture, & Style

Virtuoso Life // March/April 2018
Who's Talking About Bosca
“The new 5x7 leather travel journal keeps your travel ... Read More