What finer way to show off your style than with a leather wallet? Whether you're a modern man who prefers the raw edge, distressed trend or would rather stick with the classic wallet, we have a leather finish you'll love. Shop Bosca leather wallets-because men deserve a wallet as tough as they are.

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Bosca Guitar Pick Wallet 82-158 158 Dark Brown
Bosca Guitar Pick Wallet 82-158 158 Dark Brown color-swatch-301-4960

Guitar Pick Wallet


Bosca 8 Pocket Deluxe Executive Wallet 98-132 132 Cognac
Bosca 8 Pocket Deluxe Executive Wallet 98-132 132 Cognac color-swatch-101-4559
Bosca 8 Pocket Deluxe Executive Wallet 98-158 158 Dark Brown color-swatch-301-4693
Bosca 8 Pocket Deluxe Executive Wallet 98-159 159 Black color-swatch-300-4695

8 Pocket Deluxe Executive Wallet


Bosca Full Gusset, 2 Pkt Card Case w/I.D. 449-132 132 Cognac
Bosca Full Gusset, 2 Pkt Card Case w/I.D. 449-158 158 Dark Brown color-swatch-301-4317
Bosca Full Gusset, 2 Pkt Card Case w/I.D. 449-159 159 Black color-swatch-300-4318

Full Gusset, 2 Pkt Card Case w/I.D.


Bosca Weekend Wallet 66-132 132 Cognac
Bosca Weekend Wallet 66-158 158 Dark Brown color-swatch-301-4311
Bosca Weekend Wallet 66-159 159 Black color-swatch-300-4312

Weekend Wallet


Bosca Envelope Card Case 439-132 132 Cognac
Bosca Envelope Card Case 439-158 158 Dark Brown color-swatch-301-4314
Bosca Envelope Card Case 439-159 159 Black color-swatch-300-4315

Envelope Card Case


Bosca Small Bifold Wallet 81-132 132 Cognac
Bosca Small Bifold Wallet 81-132 132 Cognac color-swatch-101-4557
Bosca Small Bifold Wallet 81-158 158 Dark Brown color-swatch-301-4705
Bosca Small Bifold Wallet 81-159 159 Black color-swatch-300-4706

Small Bifold Wallet


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There are certain elements of style that are truly timeless in their appeal. A man's leather wallet, like a fine watch, should be functional yet stylish—an extension of his wardrobe and personality. From raw edges and vintage textures to detailed stitching and perfect seams, our men's leather wallets showcase diligent construction down to the smallest details.

Acting as a staple for any man of sophisticated taste, our men's leather wallets deliver practicality and beauty in equal measure. Use these stylish men's wallets as an everyday go-to for holding all the important items. Organize your boarding documents and IDs in a fashionable passport case. For everyday use, a trifold wallet with RFID blocking supplies convenient pockets and protects your personal information, while a polished card case keeps business cards crisp and orderly. Regardless of which option is right for your needs, our stylish choices are the perfect addition for any man of superior standards.

Whether you're searching for an elegant bifold men's wallet, a statement-making money clip, or a simple coin case, you can trust that our products feature intentional design and supreme functionality. These hand-stained leather wallets offer unprecedented durability, looking beautiful at first purchase and after decades of use.

Our collection provides a range of styles. A Deluxe Front Pocket Wallet featuring multi-colored accents is an accessory for the modern man, while a glossy Old Leather Executive ID Wallet exudes traditional charm. For a look that's rugged yet refined, consider a neutral Weekend Wallet in Washed Leather.

Bosca fine leather goods proudly display the dedication to craft and appreciation of beauty that comes from our Italian heritage. The timeless, dependable design of our wallets act as an ode to our past and a promise for our future. Backed by over 100 years of experience, we create versatile, handsome leather wallets that wear in, not out. Carefully aged and stained by hand, every option stands as a testament to exquisite beauty and elegance that only gets better with time. Experience this beauty for yourself today with one of our stylish wallets.