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For the first time in our history, we are offering a pre-order product. Why? The answer is simple, our friends need help. Our small family-owned Italian manufacturing partners are all suffering. Our goal is to give them something to work on as soon as their doors open. We hope you can help.

Our suppliers are like us. They are small factories that value independence, creativity, determination, and persistence. We view these as the core values of small business. In these strange times when our retail partners are closed, Bosca, our employees, and our family-owned manufacturing partners are all struggling to live up to these values. This preorder offering is a way to say to our team: We are in this together.

At this time Italy is still closed. We do not know when the tannery and factory will reopen, but we are hopeful that production can begin in earnest sometime in May. We want to be upfront with you, this product will take a while to ship, but when it does you will receive an Italian-made card case crafted from our finest hand-stained Bosca leather. It is at the lowest price you will ever see this quality of product. Your purchase will help small family-based manufacturers stay alive as we go through this trying time together.

As part of this offer, we pledge to continue contributions to Mid-Ohio Foodbank made in acknowledgment of your pay-it-forward support.

When you choose one of these products we will charge your card for 50% of the price of the product. This will be used to keep supplies moving. The balance will be charged when the completed product is shipped to you. You will receive a notification by email at that time.

I know it seems strange that buying something luxurious could be a way to help, but I assure you every wallet sold will be one step toward preserving a tradition in Italian leather crafting that goes back centuries.

As always, thank you for being a Bosca customer.