Hand-Stained Italian Leather Collections

The Hand Stained Process

At Bosca, we are known by our family of signature hand-stained Old Leathers. Characterized by its unique depth of color, our signature hand-staining process has consistently impressed customers since 1911.

With clearly visible marks of the hand-staining method used to produce this rich coloration, our leather is unlike any other. Each hand-stained hide is inspected and individually signed to ensure only the best quality.

Our Products

Bosca products are thoughtfully designed to be both stylish and functional. Our timeless designs transition from season to season and maintain their elegance despite changing fashion trends. From belts and wallets to briefcases and luggage, Bosca offers essential luxuries for the discerning cosmopolitan.

Over a Century of Quality Leather

For over 100 years, Bosca has followed a path dedicated to originality, ingenuity, and lasting quality. Established in the United States in 1911 by young Italian immigrant Hugo Bosca, our brand continues to maintain its timeless sophistication three generations later.

The leather and craftsmanship of our accessories are designed to last. Our goods improve over time, ensuring that our leather wears in, not out.