Leather Coin Purse

In Italy during the Middle Ages, the quality and craftsmanship of one’s coin purse was a visible indicator of their social status. The practice may have changed, but our well-crafted men's coin purses are a tangible reminder of those bygone days. Designed to be easily opened and sorted with one hand, Bosca coin purses use hand-stained Italian leather, as the perfect canvas to display the fine detail of our hand stitching. For the commuter who doesn’t want to be ‘that guy’ jangling a pocketful of quarters, a Bosca coin purse will keep your change in order, discreetly, and with your own sense of style.

Bosca Coin Case 34-97 97 Brown
Bosca Coin Case 34-97 97 Brown color-swatch-350-4902
Coin Case
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