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The perfect gift is one that you would love to have, but you won’t spend the money on yourself.

These wallets might just fit that definition. Each is a work of art in a rare and special leather. These are hand-crafted in Italy by one of our oldest friends along side the likes of Gucci.

We offer three different leathers here: a super-soft, Italian, vegetable-tanned cowhide; a glazed alligator; and a matte-finish sharkskin. All of these are in scrumptious and unusual colors.

How often can the word “scrumptious” really apply? Only when it is this special!

Bosca Alligator Bracelet 7003-171 171 Dark Brown
Bosca Alligator Bracelet 7003-173 173 Mustard color-swatch-245-4035
Bosca Alligator Bracelet 7003-174 174 Grey color-swatch-244-4038
Alligator Bracelet
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Who's Talking About Bosca

  • Style To Match

    Made with the finest materials and best leather in the world, our leather goods range from "evolved" classics to high-tech to match your unique style. Archives going back 100 years often influence new models with an old school feel.

    Our oldest product, the shave kit, or “dopp kit,” adds a touch of elegance to your grooming regimen. Our classic desk and writing products are the perfect complement to your office environment - traditional or modern. Our bags, luggage and travel pieces are not only functional and stylish but keep you organized and protect what’s important to you. Whatever you need, Bosca products are the perfect accent for any occasion.

    There’s more here than surface style though. The real quality shows up over time as each product wears in beautifully and gets better with age.

  • Better With Age

    Our leather goods wear in, not out. To create a product that gets better with age, we start with the highest quality leather. We then combine obsessive attention to detail with meticulous assembly to create a well-made and attractive product.

    The details are really what gives each product its own character. Like our leather wallets, for instance. Stitching is not just part of the assembly. Thread color, weights, stitch length, and needle-type are part of the pallet used in creating a look that results in an irresistible attraction.

    But it’s not only about appearance. It’s about our commitment to making a product that wears well and lasts for many years of use.

  • Made In Italy

    Bosca leather is chemical-free, ethically sourced from Italy, and made using primarily natural vegetable tannins. Known by our family of signature of hand-stained Old Leathers, each hide is individually hand stained with a translucent pigment for rich coloration. This process not only showcases the leather’s natural characteristics but has consistently impressed customers since 1911.

    Look at our leather belts. The leather on the back of each belt is just as good a quality as the leather on the front. The natural vegetable tanned leathers - front and back - develop a beautiful patina, and the tight fiber structure provides many years of use. It’s not just our belts either. We make our products to wear in, not out.

    Each hide we use is inspected and individually signed to ensure only the best quality.