The New York Times’ Style Guide recently featured our Small Partners Brief. Paired with other accessories from Mulberry, Ferragamo and more. The stylists at New York Times illustrated perfectly the mixed use of accessories and what they communicate about you. One of the best ways to get the most mileage and style from your closet is to have an array of accessories to go with it. Mixing a modern slim suit with a classic brief to display a compelling look or pairing Chukka Boots with jeans, a blazer and a soft messenger bag for a casual feel is a small example of how to pull it off. Small tweaks like changing your tie and using a different belt can go a long way in communicating your personality through your style. Having multiple bags for different occasions gives you the ability to be flexible and adapt to your environment. Appearance matters, whether you’re defending a client in the courtroom, presenting at a board meeting or closing deals at happy hour, accessories are your best friend when you need that extra bit of edge. If you are going for a powerful look or a casual look the most important factor is how you accessorize.