Old Leather

Money Clip W/ Pocket

Money Clip W/ Pocket
  • Money Clip W/ Pocket-27 Amber
  • Money Clip W/ Pocket-27 Amber
  • Money Clip W/ Pocket-27 Amber
  • Money Clip W/ Pocket-27 Amber
  • Money Clip W/ Pocket-27 Amber
  • Money Clip W/ Pocket-27 Amber
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  • Wallet w/internal metal blade clip
  • Separate opening card wallet on back
  • 6 card slots
  • 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 1/2"
  • Old Leather by Bosca is hand-stained Italian leather. It has a glossy finish and a classic look.
  • Old Leather is certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leather.
  • Delivered in signature Bosca packaging - perfect for gift giving.


For those who find money clips appealing but desire a little more utility, this piece puts style and functionality at center stage. With seven pockets, you’ll be hard-pressed to run out of room with this money clip – nestled under the rear flap, six of those pockets offer a variety of storage options, with the remaining pocket on the front flap for quick access. The spring-loaded metal money clip also keeps your paper bills secure and easily accessible.

But the first thing you’ll probably notice is our signature Nappa Vitello leather – extremely soft and smooth, this piece combines the smoothness of lambskin with the durability of cowhide. A thoughtful design coupled with a unique feel, this money clip should suit both your needs and taste.

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  • Hugo Bosca
  • Mario & Orsino Bosca
  • Chris Bosca
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Customer Reviews

Average Review 4.85
Best of the Best

There is no other wallet like this that I can find...and i have looked. The design of the money clip on the outside flap is truly unique to Bosca. Every 5 years or so i buy another one (same model) not because my current one is worn out...far from it....but rather i'm afraid I wont be able to buy it anymore. If there was an award for best mens wallet design...this model would win...hands down.

Jason Yanoff May 18, 2020
True craftsmanship

My wife bought this style wallet for me 20+ years ago and it was the most functional wallet I ever owned. When it began to show signs of wear, we started looking for a replacement and could not locate one. By chance, we used a super bright light to look at the inside of the wallet for the umpteenth time and were able to make out just one letter when my wife announced that she thought it was Bosca. Low and behold it was and now I have a beautifully crafted, perfect wallet for the next 20+ years. The craftsmanship is truly outstanding and to have a leather item that in many ways got better with time is a gift to the owner. One can never go wrong when purchasing a high quality item.

TLS September 26, 2019


Jim September 12, 2019
Great Wallet

The quality of this wallet could not be any better. It holds everything I need but still remains compact. 5 Stars!!

Alan Stone September 12, 2019
Nice wallet

Very nice wallet , the color of the leather is beautiful and I love that is very thin

Robert September 6, 2019

Can’t wait for it to wear in. Great wallet. Quality is a 10 star.

Ian September 5, 2019
Outstanding quality and design... the only wallet I will carry!

I have owned two of these Bosch leather clip with pocket wallets over the past two decades. The Old Leather Money Clip with Pocket has been literally, the only wallet I have carried over the past two decades. The slim design fits well in the rear pocket without bulging while still holding several credit and club cards. The integrated money clip is excellent and securely holds funds neatly and unobtrusively. I have never found another wallet of this design or quality. Highly recommended!!

Brian June 18, 2019
Beautiful and good quality.

I just got wallet for my husband birthday and we are surprise how beautiful and fancy it’s. He loves a lot. The material is high quality, smooth, money clip is incredible and save.

Tacila May 22, 2019
Best men’s wallet

It was time for a new wallet after many years use, and was glad to find this Bosch wallet was still available. The money clip keeps bills handy and secure, there are just enough slots for plastic cards, and an inner slot keeps a spare car key handy. Brilliant!

Peter D April 26, 2019

So i got this wallet as a gift, 13 years ago iv used it pretty much every day. it still works perfectly and is in a solid condition (besides some definite wear). I will be buying another one when this one dies (its got plenty more years left) I would post pics of it if aloud. it defiantly gets my approval

jbass007 April 22, 2019

I am very pleased with its classy good looks. Constructed really well. It's everything I expected and more. Highly recommend.

Gilbert Moreno April 16, 2019
Secure money clip

Perfect safe storage for credit cards, a thin clasp that swings to position like an arm to secure paper money and all able to be enveloped in leather to fold for front pocket storage. After losing credit cards out of an old stretched out money clip, this wallet is a practical gift for my husband!

Karen April 5, 2019
great item

I first discovered this very practical money clip while walking around Pittsburgh airport sometime in the late eighties. Both me and my three sons since use this clip which needs to be replaced after some 6 to 8 years of constant use. Just recently I ordered a fresh batch for my sons. Many similar clips are in the market but non matching this greta product.

Ole Michael Wasmuth September 27, 2018
A classic design continues, thankfully!

I am now enjoying my third Bosca money clip wallet. Yes, they do wear out in time...a long time at that. I am guessing mine have lasted well over a dozen years each, so that would tell me that this design has been available at least 35-40 years. Thank goodness for that. I am willing to pay (now) $125 for this wonderful and so practical money clip wallet, which also provides ample pockets for your most critical cards and documents. Thank you Bosca for your longevity and maintenance of the best designed and highest quality wallets on the market.

Adrian Springer September 20, 2018
Best Wallet/Money Clip Ever

The design of the Wallet/Money Clip is best in class. Once you use the wallet you will never purchase another style wallet. This is my third one in thirty plus years. I recommended one to my Son-in-Law and he agrees that this is the best wallet he has ever owned. They hold up extremely well and retain their beauty as they age.

Doug B June 29, 2018
Great Wallet

I have used this old leather money clip w/pocket for the last 30 years, back when they cost $25.00 dollars. My second one is still going strong. I will buy another one when ready. I love this wallet and it's style.

Frank Calegory April 8, 2018
So good it deserves repeating!

Many men may not care much about wallet design and function; I am not one of them. I am very particular about the functionality of my wallet and many years ago I thought the BOSCA Money Clip/Pocket design might hit the "sweet spot" for me. It was spot on and served me with perfection for at least 15 years before it finally started wearing out. Please know that I always carried it in a back pocket so it got lots of wear. It was still intact but just wasn't looking too good. I liked it so much I decided to repeat the purchase and went to the Bosca web site and sure enough, it was still available. This longevity proved its popularity. I ordered my replacement and it came promptly and is outright beautiful, like everything Bosca makes. This is my fourth Bosca Wallet in 50+ years and although a bit "pricey" for some, the value is outstanding and the purchase is worth repeating.

Bud S. August 22, 2017
Great wallet. Fantastic design.

Great wallet. Small profile, holds many cards, & money clip is quickly accessible. I have been using these wallets for at least 20 years & will order another when necessary to replace.

Jim G June 10, 2017
Quality, details, durable

Good quality money clip wallet with ample card holders inside. Worth the investment. Should last me for life time. I like the detailed clip. Will be making more purchases in future.

Dan May 9, 2017
Quality product & Happy with it

I received the wallet last week. I have Coach wallets and have used Bosca wallets in the past with good experience. I wanted a slimmer wallet the would be comfortable in my front pocket. My new wallet looks good and is working well for me. Bosca was quick to get it delivered to me in a very nice and professional package.

Nelson J Boskovitch March 14, 2017
Wonderful Product

Excellent purchase. WIth 6+ cards and cash the bill fold remains slim and rides comfortably in my back pocket. The leather holds up very well typical of all Bosca products and the metal clip works fine.

BDL February 22, 2017
Best wallet I've ever owned

Bought this wallet about 12 years ago and still using it. It gets better with age. Stitching still looks like new. Carry it every day in my back pocket. My wife bought me a new one (same style) a couple of years ago as a replacement for mine when it wore out, because I heard they were going to discontinue this style. Well they haven't discontinued it and my new one is still in the box in my dresser. Wonder if I'll wear out before my old wallet does...

Donn Cramton January 28, 2017
Great product.

Great craftsmanship. I being using these products for over 10 years. I give them as gifts.

Bill Tuggle November 23, 2016
Outstanding quality, craftsmanship and design functionality which leads to exceptional product elegance! Thank you.

This product exceeds all of my expectations. The simplicity of its design enables its authentic feel and functionality.

Russell Williams July 1, 2016
Not a newcomer

I am not a newcomer to Bosca wallets. I've been using your product for at least 30 years. I have never had a wallet that lasted as long as my Bosca. It stood up to all the abuse I gave it for 30
years except for my bulldog. As rugged as it was my dog caused a comprimise Thanks for producing an outstanding product .

Robert Slay April 15, 2016
Best wallet I've ever bought

After my last wallet was stolen I knew I needed to get a new one ASAP so that I wouldn't lose any cards from being loose in my pocket. I was hesitant to spend over $100 on a wallet, but I really wanted something that was small enough to fit in my front pocket (so that it was less likely to get stolen again) and made of nice leather.
This was by far the best wallet I found that fit the bill. I didn't know if I would like the reddish shade of the cognac leather, but I ended up really loving it. The money clip is well built and I have confidence that it will last years to come.
Overall it's without a doubt my favorite wallet I've ever had since I was a kid, and if I lost it I will gladly shell out $100 for another one. Your wallet is something that you're going to use and interact with every day, and it's definitely worth splurging a little on.
The only thing that would make it better is making it RFID blocking, but that's a minor thing for me.
10/10 would recommend.

Avery Lorenzato March 24, 2016
Just what I expected

This was to replace a Bosca money clip went I bought years ago. It was just what I expected; completely sas

B J Hoefle March 21, 2016
Best ever

I have have a money clip wallet for over twenty years and there is nothing wrong with it. It still looks great, I just want a new and different color wallet. I would not spend this much or buy the exact same wallet if it wasn't as good as I say

John chesnut February 27, 2016
Falls Apart

I've had this wallet for less than 9 months. Here are my complaints:
-The stitching is falling out all over the place
-Spring on the money clip has torn through the leather, soon it will not be usable
-Spent too much money on this wallet for it to last less than a year

Michael December 28, 2015
Great Product

Really a great wallet. Exactly what I was looking for. I replaced a money clip/card holder that I had used for years. This wallet holds more cards and is still compact. Money clip is a nice design. Leather is top quality. Hope to get as many years of service.

Matt September 19, 2015
Love this money clip! Bought for hubby for 2 anniversary with initials in cognac- he loved it! Makes me smile every time I see him pull it out. Thanks guys!

Love this wallet!

Ashlee August 19, 2015
stylish and functional!

I originally purchased the Nappa Vitello model but exchanged it for the Old Leather in cognac. It has a more sophisticated look with the same practical functionality. The black edges against the cognac leather give it a sharp look and the money clip adds an elegant touch. The money clip flap pocket is perfect for receipts or movie tickets and the clip securely holds paper currency. There are plenty of slots for cards without the bulk. Overall this is a stylish and unique option for a slim wallet that looks sharp and is very functional. It's got enough room for the important stuff without the extra junk. Give this wallet a try. You won't be disappointed.

Alex July 31, 2015


Steve Curry July 22, 2015
Great slim wallet

The inside facing credit card slots keep your cards secure, as they won't be able to creep out. I've lost a metro card from a non-Bosca wallet where the card slots face an outside edge. The quality of the leather and craftsmanship is very high. I would recommend this wallet.

Tom March 23, 2015
superb quality

A wallet is not just a wallet. After receiving my Bosca I was amazed at the quality of craftsmanship. A top notch product all around!

Michael Edikiz March 19, 2015
Excellent product - Superior Quality

This is the third Bosca money clip wallet that I have had. Each one has lasted over five years. The quality is excellent and this one is no exception.

Robert Tomfohrde March 4, 2015
Outstanding. Replaces exact model I have had for YEARS. Looked at others, but no substitute

This wallet combines the thinness of a money clip with adequate card holding capacity (6), including room for loose biz cards and misc receipts...in an efficient and relatively flat, slim format that slips into my front pocket. I have literally looked for years for this style and have not found it anywhere. So I finely looked at the wallet itself, got enough of the worn down brand name to find online and voila! within a week I had a monogrammed version just as my old one fell apart. Outstanding design. Outstanding quality (that wallet lasted me....20 years? More?) and Outstanding service. At my age, could be the last wallet I will need...but if I were buying a gift or asked to recommend a wallet...the Bosca Old Leather Money Clip w/Pocket would be it!!

Bart March 2, 2015
Best wallet ever!

Does everything I want and at the perfect size. It's great on the hand and eye too! Just perfect!!

Thomas Lisowski February 3, 2015
Great product

My husband has one of these wallets that is in great shape. I bought this one to put away for a future gift in case Bosca stopped making this design.

Heather October 30, 2014
I love this wallet!

I love this wallet! I have owned this wallet before and it lasted for many years. I was glad to see that they were still carrying it after all these years. VERY HIGH QUALITY!

Robert Knox September 18, 2014
You will love this wallet. Quality provides lasting value.

I am on my second Old Leather wallet. The first one was purchased a couple of decades ago at a local department store and I loved it. My local store no longer carries Bosca, so I contacted customer service and purchased a second one about 10 years ago. My 10 year old wallet is a little worn but still in great shape even with being overstuffed with cards for years. I think I will have another 10 years on this one. I hope Bosca will still have the Old Leather line in 2024!

CFL Engineer September 3, 2014
Excllent Wallet

I have used this type of wallet for at least 15 years. They are durable, soft high quality leather, very well designed and excellent priced.

Yolas Correa August 12, 2014
Great wallet

I’ve been searching for a long time now for a money clip style wallet that I could keep in my front pocket but with some added capacity from what I’ve been able to find. This wallet hits a home run in all aspects. The spring clip allows for easy access of bills but still maintaining the right amount of tension so all the remaining bills don’t slide out. The wallet still remains slim even with all the card pockets in use and the Cognac color is simply stunning. An elegant design beautifully executed.

Frank Rojas January 12, 2014
Perfect Money Clip Wallet

I’ve been searching for a long time now for a money clip style wallet that I could keep in my front pocket but with some added capacity from what I’ve been able to find. This wallet hits a home run in all aspects. The spring clip allows for easy access of bills but still maintaining the right amount of tension so all the remaining bills don’t slide out. The wallet still remains slim even with all the card pockets in use and the Cognac color is simply stunning. An elegant design beautifully executed.

Frank Rojas January 12, 2014
Exceeded My Expectation...and that is hard to do!

I searched local department stores as well as the internet, for a high-quality wallet that featured a money clip (the only item on my boyfriends Christmas list). He loves money clips, but as far as I was concerned, he was desperately in need of a normal wallet as well. After weeks of looking, I finally ran across this site and found exactly what I was looking for. A wallet/money clip combo that I was able to monogram...perfection! The quality of the leather and the functionality exceeded my expectations, and his as well!

Ms. McCormick December 31, 2013
Good Product

Good product but definitely not for front pocket. Too big.

Ed C. December 16, 2013
good product

good room for money and cards. excellent for travel.

Joseph S Kryger October 13, 2013
Bosca is the absolute best in leather goods.

Bosca Old Leather Classic items are the epitome of beauty and durability. Decades ago, my father's wallet and keycase were the first examples I saw of Bosca's excellent craftsmanship. Now my husband and our sons all enjoy Bosca's innovative, top quality products. Our younger son likes the minimal yet private and secure features of the Money Clip with Pocket. If you want to give someone the very best, choose a Bosca gift!

Mrs. Honeycutt October 10, 2013
High quality as expected

I have had several Bosca products in the past and after trying others, always come back to them. This particular wallet is a little large for my front pocket but would not hesitate to recommend it to others. I will be getting another money clip from them.

Jeff October 9, 2013

Bought for my husband for his birthday. He likes the old fashioned money clip wallet and the front pocket wallets. I had a hard time finding a nice leather one. The money clips aren't as popular as they used to be making them harder to find, especially a quality one of fine leather. I looked at several of the top retailers. This one did the trick. He loves it and it is such soft leather!

TRACEY HAGERMAN October 9, 2013
Best of the best

Have had this same wallet for 20 years, or actually the same style since had worn out a few times due to constant use. Expect to stay with the style forever.

David Braun October 9, 2013
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