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Introducing the La Carta collection, our new line of light and functional products from our team in Italy! It's made from a revolutionary new material that's light as paper and nearly tough as leather. Available for Pre-sale now!

We named this collection La Carta because in Italian that translates to "the paper" and this line is all about this amazing new Italian developed and manufactured material. Combining natural cellulose fibers like you would find in everyday paper, with natural latex, it is astoundingly tough, resilient, and flexible. It can be washed, flattened, ironed, rolled, folded- you name it. It can even be dry-cleaned and still look beautiful.

The ecological impact of our products is always important to us and la Carta sets a new standard in that regard. The manufacture of the accessories is traceable and sustainable. The material is European Union EcoLabel Certified (that means this material is produced responsibly). The cellulose is harvested in a way that does not contribute to deforestation. Not only is the paper good for the planet but as always our leather is as well. It is vegetable-tanned, produced under the auspices of the Tuscan Leather District Eco auditing scheme. The natural tan color will darken slightly with exposure to sun, much as a genuine Louis Vuitton bag will do. This is the kind of leather that just keeps getting better with use.

The bags are made in our favorite little Italian factory outside of Florence. We are offering this product as a pre-order to help our manufacturing partners re-start their business after the prolonged shutdown. We hope you can pitch in, we know you will be glad you did.

Pre-order Products

La Carta Beach Tote

La Carta Beach Tote

La Carta City Cross Strap Bag

La Carta City Cross Strap Bag