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Olio Nuovo

Olio Nuovo
  • Olio Nuovo
  • Olio Nuovo
  • Olio Nuovo

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  • First oil of the year, "new olive oil"
  • Select hand-picked olives
  • Piquant and fragrant
  • Intensely green and peppery
  • Unfiltered
  • Perfect for dipping, dressing greens, or as a finishing oil
  • 16.9 fl.oz


You might wonder what a leather company has to do with olive oil. Here at Bosca we're not just a leather company: we're an Italian leather company; we're not concerned with just leather. If that were the case, our motto would be Bosca: Leather. But, it's not, our motto is, Bosca: Life. Luxury. Leather. Italian Life. Italian Luxury. One of the greatest luxuries and pleasures in life is to be in Italy in late November and early December when the Olio Nuovo is released. We love Italy and we love bringing the best of it to America. With this in mind, we've partnered with an honored and established Tuscan grower to create Bosca Olio Nuovo. This culinary treat is available only once a year and is sure to be loved by foodies, cooks and guests alike. Let Bosca Olio Nuovo add a little more luxury to your life and leather.

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Our Leather & Process

Our leather wears in, not out. To create a product that gets better with age, we start with the highest quality leather. Bosca leather is made in Italy using primarily natural vegetable tannins. Each hide is individually hand stained with a translucent pigment for a rich coloration. This process showcases the leather’s natural characteristics. Upon completion, each hide is inspected and individually signed to ensure only the best quality.

Over a Century of Quality Leather

In 1911, a young Italian immigrant named Hugo Bosca founded our company on a foundation dedicated to originality, ingenuity, and lasting quality. Today, the Bosca family and Bosca brand remain stubbornly dedicated to these timeless values. Every detail of each product receives our full consideration from design, to engineering, and, finally, manufacturing.

  • Hugo Bosca
  • Mario & Orsino Bosca
  • Chris Bosca
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Customer Reviews

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Lovely for Dipping and Cooking

This olive oil is one of the best I have found. When entertaining, my guests have consistently complimented the oil and have asked from where it came. I gave my daughters this olive oil as a gift, and each of them simply rave about it.

Marcia O'Neal October 7, 2015
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A Team You Can Trust

We’re only happy when you’re happy. Many of our customers have fallen in love with our products and have become lifelong Bosca friends. Our goal is to offer you beautiful, durable products that can withstand the impact of hectic daily life. We recognize that sometimes product questions and even the occasional problem can arise. Our hands-on team is small, knowledgeable, and committed to meeting your needs.

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