Old Leather

Front Pocket I.D. Wallet

Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
  • Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
  • Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
  • Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
  • Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
  • Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
  • Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
  • Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
  • Front Pocket I.D. Wallet
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  • Clear ID window
  • Spring tension money clip
  • 3 card slots
  • Money/receipt flap
  • 4" x 3" x 1/2"
  • Old Leather by Bosca is hand-stained Italian leather. It has a glossy finish and a classic look.
  • Old Leather is certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leather.
  • Delivered in signature Bosca packaging - perfect for gift giving.


Some of us just can’t stand the feeling of a wallet in our back pocket. If you’re looking to free up some space but retain maximum storage, allow us to accommodate.

This men’s bifold wallet has been specifically designed for carrying in a front pants pocket, with a slim and simple design that fits comfortably and discreetly. A clear ID window secures credentials and makes for an easy display, while three card slots and back clip secure the rest of your cards and funds.

Our signature Old Leather provides a distinct look to the classic design, providing years of unwavering quality, craftsmanship, and style. Keep it simple, in whatever pocket suits your taste.

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Our Leather & Process

Our leather wears in, not out. To create a product that gets better with age, we start with the highest quality leather. Bosca leather is made in Italy using primarily natural vegetable tannins. Each hide is individually hand stained with a translucent pigment for a rich coloration. This process showcases the leather’s natural characteristics. Upon completion, each hide is inspected and individually signed to ensure only the best quality.

Over a Century of Quality Leather

In 1911, a young Italian immigrant named Hugo Bosca founded our company on a foundation dedicated to originality, ingenuity, and lasting quality. Today, the Bosca family and Bosca brand remain stubbornly dedicated to these timeless values. Every detail of each product receives our full consideration from design, to engineering, and, finally, manufacturing.

  • Hugo Bosca
  • Mario & Orsino Bosca
  • Chris Bosca
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Customer Reviews

Average Review 4.2

ust in caJse they discontinue this model. PERFECT size. STRONGEST clip. GREAT ID window/pouch. BEAUTIFUL leather. After purchasing one, I purchased two more.

Steven July 10, 2018
Picky Husband

Beautiful wallet but not enough card slots for my husband--thus the 4 star rating. But that's only a personal preference. Will be returning this well-made wallet.

Nancy D December 29, 2017
I like the wallet but it's larger than anticipated.

The wallet is made of fine leather and crafted superbly. The front credit card slots are a little too close together for my liking. I find the deposit slot mostly unneeded and could have been used for something different. The overall thickness is a little greater than I had anticipated. Overall it's a fine wallet and should meet my needs and provide years of good use.

Tom S November 5, 2017
New design flaw (major)

Bosca used to carry this exact wallet with a strong magnetic money clip. I went through three of them over the years. I haven't been able to find it the last few years so this last purchase I went with their new design with the spring/tension money clip. Bad decision! The tip/rounded part of the clip is so sharp, it quickly wore through the leather. Unfortunately for me, I didn't realize this until I started seeing holes it was creating in the pockets of my favorite jeans (more than 1 pair). Not long after that, I noticed a small tear (the same width as the money clip) in the leather seat of my luxury vehicle!!! Who does their R&D? Me in this case. This was my 4th and final wallet from Bosca!

Mike G March 13, 2017
Nice but I wish it had the money clip magnet

I bought this wallet to replace the one that my husband has loved for many years. I thought I was buying the exact same one but this one has a regular money clip and the one that he loves has a magnetic money clip. I couldn't find the magnetic money clip one when I went back to look. I still think this wallet is beautifully designed and made, but I wish it had the magnetic money clip feature.

Dominique Varani December 29, 2016

Replacement one I work out over the last 10 plus years. Just as represented

Russell Siess December 5, 2016
Excellent with flaws

Fantastic layout for a wallet hence why I've had 3 of them and am ordering a 4th...this is where the exact same flaws come in. First, within one year the leather detaches from the ID window. Second, (approximately 2 years old) the money clip breaks loose, all 3 past wallets have happened in that exact order.

Terran November 18, 2016
Love this wallet

Best wallet!!!

Steve J January 6, 2016
New design flawed,

The new designed card pockets makes it difficult to remove cards.

Robert H. February 5, 2015
Great find!!

I have used this wallet for many years now and order them two at a time!! Money clip has metal clip covered in leather (not the weak magnet type), easy to show retailer my license thru the wallet window without having to "dig" it out every time, has a hidden compartment for personal items (pictures,etc.), and it has several pockets for multiple cards. My perfect wallet!!!!!

Brad Lott January 28, 2015
Great Product

Not a large purchase but needed to replace my old front pocket wallet after many years. Decided to go back to Bosca for another quality product. Just as advertised the quality is second to none.

David Stark November 10, 2014
Like the product very much, will probably order again

You have gained a customer.

Robert Ramirez October 10, 2014
Good product but has quality issues

I have several Bosca products and have always admired the quality and practicality of their wallets. However, this time, the product I received was not to the standard I'd expect from such a refined and prestigious brand. The wallet's card holders were not fitted properly so that some of my credit cards stick out more than others. It's quite obvious and quite embarrassing. Maybe m wallet was a bad batch? In any case, next time I'll be more cautious to order from the Bosca site..

Keith Ma September 9, 2014
Money clip

I was somewhat disappointed to find that the clip was not magnetic.

John Leavesley September 2, 2014
Front pocket I.D. Wallet

Bought one for my husband, and it only lasted about 3 years, before the cover for the ID fell off. This was surprising for me, because I still have the Bosca wallet and credit card holder that I purchased well over 20 years ago.
I'm hoping that there has been product improvement.

Carol Knauer May 7, 2014
My favorite wallet of all time

This is the second wallet of this type I've bought. I've tried several similar over the last few years as I love the external money clip, small overall size with visible driver license but with ample space for a few credit cards and other important items. I'll buy more for myself in the future and am sure this gift would be appreciated by many of my friends.

Ron Groat April 16, 2014
Excellent Wallet

This is my 3rd wallet like this. It fits nicely in my front pocket as I no longer want a wallet in my back pockets. (Uncomfortable when driving). This is high quality leather that rarely wears out. The leather over the metal money holder clip eventually wears out because of continuous use. Well priced for t5he quality.

Bruce Kentfield April 1, 2014
Excellent product

Great wallet awesome quality and excellent service!

Mike Brown February 13, 2014
Classic, comfortable

This is my second Bosca product. The first was a gift from my wife who selected for me a bi-fold wallet, which I have employed for over a decade. I was shopping for something as classic, but thinner and that would fit my more recent minimalist needs. The craftsmanship is outstanding. The clip is easily strong enough to hold ten folded bills. I liked the inside pocket that will stash a receipt or other paper slip. The shipping was timely. I would have liked a thumb hole for the window to ease sliding out an identification card. I think Cognac was the only selection available at the time of my purchase. I am pleased with the purchase, but it would have been nice to have had other choices then.

Brion Ferratt November 25, 2013
Excellent Product

This is the second one I have purchased, and I love this wallet. I hope I can purchase another one when I need it. Thanks,

Keith Harrelson October 16, 2013
Excellent product and quality

I love the quality, look and feel of this wallet. Ordering process online was very intuitive and easy. Nice job, Bosco!

Thank you,
A satisfied and guaranteed repeat customer

Frann Lubash October 12, 2013

Great product, has really held up well and I would not hesitate to purchase more of your products.

Allen Drake October 10, 2013
Attractive and easy to carry

A well made and attractive wallet, perfect for the man who wants to carry the least possible amount of stuff in a wallet. There is room for the essentials and it fits easily in the front pocket and that provides an extra level of security, especially in crowds.

Donald R Tracey October 10, 2013
Love Bosca, disappointed with this style

I bought this wallet for my husband for Christmas and within three months the money clip fell off. Very disappointed. He then switched back to his old wallet the 5 pocket with ID which was also Bosca. This one he has had for over two years and has held up incredibly. Bosca is excellent quality so it was very disappointing to have the front pocket ID fall apart so quickly!

Alyssa Evans October 10, 2013
Outstanding product

This is the finest leather product I have ever owned

Jim Davis October 10, 2013
Great product

I liked the first one so much I bought two.

Brian Davis October 9, 2013
I have been very happy with my purchase.

This is a quality made product. The size is very handy.

Brian Davis October 9, 2013
Great Wallet

A little larger than I needed

Richard Allen October 9, 2013
Great Wallet

A little larger than I needed

Richard Allen October 9, 2013
Great Wallet

A little larger than I needed.

Richard Allen October 9, 2013

This is a great wallet. It's the second one I've owned, the first lasting several years of heavy use!

Eric Farrow October 9, 2013
I love this wallet!

This is at least the fifth time I have purchased this same wallet. The only change I make is to get a different color. It is the perfect wallet for me.

Frank Pittman October 9, 2013
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