Old Leather

Double Gusset Brief Bag

Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
  • Double Gusset Brief
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  • 2 large gusseted compartments w/padded bottom
  • Rear pocket
  • Lockable clasp w/easy-lift opening
  • Signature organizational suite
  • Strap: 1 1/2" wide, detatchable nylon strap w/padding
  • 12 1/2" x 16 1/2" x 5 1/2"
  • Accomodates 15" Computer
  • Bag Weight: 4 lbs. 10 oz.
  • Strap Weight: 9 oz.
  • Old Leather by Bosca is hand-stained Italian leather. It has a glossy finish and a classic look.
  • Old Leather is certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leather.
  • Delivered in signature Bosca packaging - perfect for gift giving.
  • Description

    The traditional flap-over leather brief is a timeless classic. Ours is adorned with a beautiful custom engraved Bosca key-lock enclosure. We've designed it for upright standing so this baby is hard to tip over. Your laptop, tablet or iPad will probably be safer here, than anywhere else.

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    • Hugo Bosca
    • Mario & Orsino Bosca
    • Chris Bosca
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    Customer Reviews

    Average Review 4.65
    Beautiful product

    Beautiful bag, smooth and elegant. Very nice leather and high quality of manufacturing. Thanks!

    Martin April 9, 2019
    Great bag.. small issues...

    I have used this type of bag for over 7 years. My first, an Amber color lasted for 4 years of everyday heavy usage. I replaced it only after the buckle failed. It was well constructed and my only gripe was the straps wore on the sides of the main cover, and the failed clasp.... My second in Black, now in its 3 year was not as well built, the attachments for the straps failed. I ended up canabiling the attachments from the first bag on the second. Further the interior began to detach from the leather. A bit of heavy glue fixed that...

    Now for the positives. It is a classic lawyer/professional bag. I leather condion it every 3 months and with a touch of AE polish and it looks brand new. I carry it in to court every day, and still get compliments. It adds a touch of refinement that suggests sucesfull attorney, vs I just graduated from school. I would suggest going back to prior quality control and the bag would be perfect. The issue with the straps was fixed with a slight redesign to eliminate that contact point.

    Leon G February 2, 2019
    Beautiful Bag but durability is questionable

    I bought this bag and it has had to be replaced twice by Bosca. If you carry this bag via the shoulder strap which I do nearly exclusively, the design of the strap connections to the sides of the bag cause the strap and buckles to rub against the sides of the flap over, wearing the sides out very seriously and becoming very ragged. If the bag had a leather edge it would be more durable, but it has some sort of a plasticized sealer around the edge of the leather which will break up and ravel off. so, if you are not going to carry via the strap, this is a wonderful bag, but if you plan to carry it over the shoulder, you will be quite unhappy, I believe. As I said, mine was replaced twice and now my third bag is as bad as the first which I returned. Bosca customer service was great, but it could do nothing about the design deficiency of this bag, which needs a strap design similar to the other non gusset flap over brief they have available now. I only wish my bag had been replaced with that one.

    Kevin Soucy March 30, 2015
    Extremely Satisfied!

    This the fifth or sixth item I have purchased from Bosca and I am once again extremely satisfied! I also receive many compliments for my Bosca collection.

    Andy Martin January 27, 2015

    An unbelievable work of craftsmanship! This is a beautiful briefcase and very practical. Plenty of space and well organized. This baby will last a lifetime. Thank you!

    Thomas Michael January 8, 2015


    Ji Bushell September 19, 2014
    No padding in the computer compartment?

    This is such a stylish briefcase, classic, practical and timeless, I get compliments wherever I go; but why is there no padding in the computer side? This just doesn't make any sense.

    David Wall, MD September 18, 2014
    Beautiful leather. Exactly as described. Buy with confidence.

    This was a gift for my son who just secured a new position. He is very proud of his briefcase and feels the quality is excellent.

    Jean August 26, 2014

    Great looking bag in black. Solid construction and beautiful leather. Lots of positive comments at work. Love it !

    Frank Futter March 5, 2014

    Great looking bag in black. Solid construction and beautiful leather. Lots of positive comments at work. Love it !

    Frank Futter March 5, 2014

    I have been practicing law for 14 years and this is the best briefcase I have owned.


    Michael J Douglas October 10, 2013
    The leather briefcase has fine detail and is well constructed. Receive many compliments. Extremely happy.

    Would definitely recommend this leather briefcase to friends and family. Truly well crafted. I also purchased a leather wallet for which I am equally happy with the purchase. Your products are well made and will last a lifetime! Thank you.

    James P Guerra October 10, 2013
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