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Working from Home: Day 216

October 16, 2020
Personally, I am in the office most days, but often it is just me. It is too quiet so after 5-6 hours I retreat to my home to continue working. When the lockdowns started I was using our 6002 Dolce Backpack . That bag was (and is) great for working at home. Just for variety, I've now gone back to another of my favorites: the workhorse Stringer Bag style #81

For many years I traveled the globe building our business up. I carried this bag by my side just about everywhere I went. As I moved from place to place - from Florence, Italy, to Hong Kong, to Seattle, and back to Ohio this bag kept me organized. So now that I only travel from my living room to my kitchen it does not sound like all of that organizational help would be necessary. Turns out, though, that it is more important than ever. Like most of you I need to be where the internet is, or where the noise is not, or sometimes out on the screened-in porch just because it is nice there.

My bag (and the backpack before it) helps to keep my organized as my office would. In fact, this bag is my mobile office. I think that the fact that it is a bit dressy has also been a help to me as I work through times of coronavirus. It helps me retain a feeling and self-image of professionalism even when working from home.

The Stringer bag is non-structure, so there is nothing stiff or hard (or heavy) in the bag but it does keep its shape, making it is easy to work out of. I can grab my laptop, a pad of paper or a folder, slide my laptop back in, grab my Air pods from a pocket that I've dedicate to that purpose, take a call, select a pen from the extra-long pen sleeve, grab my laptop again... you get the idea. Then pick it all up and head back into the living room. Or, maybe, actually go to the office.

My own experience is that using a nice bag like one of these adds a dimension of comfort, satisfaction, and a quiet mind that real organization brings; all good things on day 216
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