Vin Santo with Biscotti Di Prato

Vin Santo is a desert wine served with Biscotti Di Prato.  Biscotti are very hard – dip the biscotti into the wine to soften as well as to add flavor- and what a sweet/aromatic flavor it is!

Vin Santo is aged at least 3 years in barrels (traditionally chestnut, but now mostly oak).  This type of wine will keep for several years but it does not really improve with age the way some wines can.  I have kept this unopened bottle (pictured above) for a long time- probably too long, but I can’t bring myself to open it yet.  It is from my very good friend Valerio.  I have known Valerio for more that 25 years now.  He is a leather accessories maker who does work for Bosca as well as for the big European luxury brands- making the most beautiful wallets on earth.  Valerio’s father was a wine maker for the Antinori Vineyard.  On his own land in Tuscany he grew Sangiovese grapes for Chianti and Trebbiano grapes for Vin Santo, and there he made his own wine in his spare time.

This dedication to one’s work – where vocation and avocation intermingle with the mid-day meal , slow winter afternoons when the vines have been pruned and the fall’s pressing are fermenting is so classically Italian.  I want to put it in a bottle and save it for all future generations.  Saving this bottle, gifted to be many years ago by Valerio, is my way of doing that.

Like his father with wine, Valerio is an artisan who puts his heart and soul into his work.

Now I indulge by dipping my biscotti into a glass of Vin Santo from I Veroni or Colle Bereto.  I am fortunate to have two great friends from both these vineyards.  Luca and Bernardo are masters of their craft;  both put themselves into their work just as Valerio’s father did.

Bosca is about “Italian Design, American Functionality.”  With our daily work we are tapping into this life of the artisan and bringing it home to America.  Whether it is through food, wine, leather, or travel, we hope that you will enjoy life in a creative, original way in 2012.