The Suitor Belt

Suede Belts Advertisement Suede so smooth and colors like candy – the Suitor belt!

We just introduced these belts to our website this week and sent you all an email to show you just how delicious these colors are. These belts are just another way you can suede into summer.

For men, you can add this belt to a pair of dark wash jeans (as pictured to the left) to add a pop of color to a men’s outfit while still keeping the look masculine.

Now in the office, it is natural to add a little color to your work-wear. Use a suitor belt in sky blue or bay blue to add subtle creativity to a fitted suit.

Having just a white button-down shirt and blue jeans and your favorite kicks will be the perfect base for our lemon or tangerine belt. These super soft suede belts will garnish your outfit with just the right amount of color to keep your summer look fresh andĀ evolving.

Don’t settle to be a gentleman, upgrade to suitor.

tangerine suitor belt

lemon suitor belt

Sky blue suitor belt

Jungle green suitor belt

Bay blue suitor belt