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Monfrini Presale & The Bosca Italia Factory

August 9, 2021

   At the start of COVID almost a full year ago, the world looked bleak. Not only for Bosca, a company that is often hit hard during economic recession,  but for everyone including our good friends and partners across the ocean in Italy. Being that Italy was an epicenter for the global pandemic, our friends were forced to close down their shops and factories and wait for a future that seemed more and more uncertain. Employees lost months of pay, and factories lost months of business. Additionally, Bosca’s order numbers plummeted. We needed a solution, and even more than that, we needed a solution that helped not only Bosca but our friends and partners who were in some cases struggling even more than ourselves. Thus, the presale was chosen as a test run of what might be the perfect solution for the entire Bosca family of artisans.

   In April of 2020, the very first Bosca presale collection was officially launched under the name Italo. The idea was - and is - to aid our Italian partners in getting back to work and getting back to the unfinished project at hand; the creation of the new Bosca Italia Factory.

   The Bosca Italia Factory represents the true vision of Bosca. Bringing the finest of Italian artistry, design, and quality to the United States, and sharing those values with the world. With our partners in Italy, and our fantastic customers, Bosca is able to stay true to that vision and ensure only the best Italian made leather goods for years to come. The Bosca Italia Factory enables Bosca to develop designs and pursue new ideas on a foundation of high end manufacturing while training the next generation of artisan leather workers.

   By ordering presales, you (our customers) allow Bosca to place orders for specific amounts of products in specific styles. That business then flows forward to our partners in Florence. Each product order means more work for them, and more experience gained. Improved stitching and cutting techniques, faster and more thorough production line strategies, and more opportunities to design, all combine to ultimately strengthen the business and allow us to collectively build the new factory, rebuild the manufacturing industry, and provide better quality products to you. The presale process minimizes waste, allows for more realistic planning on all sides, and above all directly feeds the growth of the collaborative project that is the Bosca Italia Factory.

   So you may still be wondering, why should I pay for a product I won’t get for a matter of weeks?

   First and foremost, preordering is an opportunity to make a positive direct impact on our friends working so diligently to manufacture the fine products we all love as well as to build the Bosca Italia Factory.

   Second, as a preorder customer you’re offered the first chance to get new and exclusive Bosca products weeks or months ahead of the crowd. Additionally, presale customers are offered various benefits like discounts on current or future products.

   From the start of the design process to tying the final stitch, our partners are as important to us as our customers. Without our partners - and of course without our customers - Bosca could not be what it is today. For 110 years our partners have helped keep us grounded to our Italian roots, and we hope that with your help Bosca can continue to grow in the way it has for well over a century. At the end of the day, the Bosca presale collections are a new way for us all to strive for a happy future together.

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