Hugo the office dog

Hugo and the Bosca family

Hugo and the Bosca family

Hugo is an Australian Shepard-Lab mix with a little more. Courtney Bosca rescued him from the pound about 15 years ago. Chris and Courtney fell in love with him and they were lucky to get him. When she went in to visit, another person was playing with him, so Courtney quickly filled out the paperwork so she could take him home. Hugo has been with the family ever since.

Hugo at the Oak Street office.

A fun fact about Hugo is that he has two different colored eyes. One blue and one brown. Courtney learned from a Native American that two different eyes means a lucky spirit.

He is named after the founder of our company and Chris’ grandfather, Hugo Bosca. As Court and Chris were trying out names he seemed to take to Hugo and the rest was history. Of course, all of the Bosca animals have Italian names.  Two cats, Giapetto and Rudy, their other dog, Lucca, and another puppy on the way, Enzo.

Along with serving the Bosca family at home, Hugo comes into the Oak Street office to keep us company while we do our work. While he doesn’t know how to help us with our paperwork, he does give us some entertainment when we need down time.

Hugo and Lucca eating Dairy Queen ice creamHugo up the stairsWhen Chris needs some space from his work, or Hugo needs to go to the bathroom (whichever comes first), they will go for a walk around the neighborhood of our Oak Street office. But, poor Hugo, now that he is 15 years old the steps are too steep in our Oak Street office for him. Chris will actually carry him up the stairs so he can hang out in his office! Out of the office, Hugo travels with the Bosca family on vacations and keeps the family company at their home. Every so often, they treat Hugo and Lucca and take them to Dairy Queen for some vanilla ice cream. Hugo absolutely loves a good ice cream cone!

Hugo at photo shootHugo has even served as a helping hand in photo shoots in the past. He definitely seems to cheer up anyone he is around. The Native Americans may have been on to something when they were talking about his eyes.

In a way you can call him a mascot to our company. But to us, we just call him family.