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Hello Monfrini! A new Bosca Presale Collection & Presale FAQ

June 17, 2021

   I am amazed at how much and how little has changed over the arc of 12 months. Exactly one year ago we introduced our first-ever pre-sale. Today we are re-launching (new and improved!) pre-sale.

   A year ago, business for us was bad. It was a scary time. Now business is better, but many of our partners continue to suffer. It is boom times for Big Tech, streaming services, residential real estate, and others. For many family-owned businesses, though, things are still very tough. Last year our goal with pre-sale was specifically to help our Italian partners. At that time, they were in total lock-down and were suffering terribly on every level.

   This year Pre-Sale will support the launch of the new Bosca Italia factory located just outside of Florence, Italy. This is a collaboration with some of our oldest and best Italian friends. Introducing the Bosca Italia factory.

   We are up and running now. Your support will help us to bring in more artisans, mechanics, and trainers. I personally spent January - March organizing the factory. In that time, I began creating a new line of wallets and bags to be produced in the new facilities and highlight the extremely high quality craftsmanship one can expected as the standard for not only pre-sale products, but all products coming from the Florence Factory.

  With this pre-sale we introduce the Monfrini (pronounce mon-free-nee) line. Starting a new factory is always difficult because as it gets up and running the money is all going out the door. Money is spent on machinery, hiring, training, testing, calibrating machinery, and purchasing initial quantities of basic materials.

   Meanwhile very little finished product is going out (and no money coming in). This year is even more stressful given that Italy has continued to experience lockdowns. Your participation helps to support us and all of our partners in this endeavor. It puts our new creations in your hands first, and along the way we will give you a behind the scenes view with continued updates. One year ago, our fan base came out in support of our first ever pre-sale. Need was the mother of invention last year. This year we have a well-tested pre-sale feature on our website. We are excited to begin showing you our new creations!

As always, thank you for your support.

Christopher Bosca, CEO


Are only products from the new line Pre-Sale products?

   · Yes- At this time we are only releasing 3 products from the Monfrini line, and all three are the only pre-sale products on our site at this time.

Are all colors shown on the product pages all pre-sale?

   · Yes- at this time we are releasing these three items in a wide range of colors.

Are all of the Monfrini products made in the new Bosca Italia factory?

   · Yes. They are made from 100% Italian leather and they are all made in the new Bosca Italia factory.

Will there be more styles in the Monfrini line?

   · Absolutely- we have a range of wallets for men and for women, backpacks, business bags, as well as mini-bags, handbags, satchels, and totes for women. These will be released progressively over the coming months.

How long will I wait for my new Monfrini wallet or bag?

   · The pre-sale will run for 2 weeks only. Our goal is to start delivering your purchases to you within 6 weeks after the close of the pre-sale.

Will any of the pre-sale product not be made?

   · While this is common with pre-sales in this case all items in all colors will be manufactured and delivered to you. But please keep in mind that initial quantities are limited, so don’t wait!

When will my credit card be charged?

   · Because of the way that our system works we will charge your card when the order is placed. You would still be able to cancel prior to shipment should you decide to do so, but in this way, your order is secure, and the production is “locked up” and destined for shipment to you as soon as it is completed.

Can I order pre-sale and regular purchase product in the same order?

   · Unfortunately, our system will not let us do this. Orders for pre-sale items need to be completed separately. Orders for multiple pre-sale products can all be included on one order, but they cannot be mixed with non-pre-sale items. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Defects and problems with the product when I receive it.

   · Your produce is hand-made in a (very) small Italian factory, and it is inspected by us in Ohio before it is shipped to you. It is very unlikely that you will receive a product with any kind of a defect, but we want you to be happy. If you have any reason to be dissatisfied please contact Debbie or Kellye in our customer service department. They can be reached at:



[email protected]

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