From Chris: Thoughts from my latest speaking event in Denver

I was in Denver last week to speak at the Paradise Pen manager’s meeting.   They are the best.  I was received as respected guest and I appreciate the gesture.

The owner, Pete Paradise, has long been a supporter of Bosca. He is a little ahead of me in years and experience.  We’ve both learned a lot from business – some the hard way.  It seems to me that we have developed a similar appreciation of true success as we define it.

While I love telling the story of our 102-year history, I especially love talking about the current direction of our company, moved forward by the creative passion that is shared by everyone I work with.  It truly energizes me to arrive at the office most days.

I talked about how we find inspiration in our archives or sometimes – for example – in a Postino bag that goes by on the front of an Italian mailman’s bicycle.  We were already late for the train but we ran down the postman, and tried to talk him into letting us have the bag; of course, we had to settle for measurements and photos.  (see the picture below)

During the presentation, I lined up an example from each of our collections to show the evolution.  This helped me to explain the dynamic thinking behind our design process –We are always exploring and creating- this is one of the greatest sources of energy and satisfaction for us.  Long ago Bosca was a “corner office brass door plate” kind of brand.  As the world changes, we are continually excited by the challenge of evolving our brand.

I love the Paradise Pen Manager’s Meeting.  I appreciate that everyone there is motivated to invest in becoming better at what they do.  The managers were there to develop their ability to provide service in support of brands like Bosca that are made to the highest standards;   product like Bosca- where the real quality shows up over time as the product wears in beautifully.

Thank you Pete.  Thank you, Jeni, and Jim.   Thank you Paradise Pen.  Bosca is committed to making the kinds of products that you love; products that are useful, artful and functional.  We very much appreciate your support.

Postino Bag

Post Note:  I recently visited a friend in Italy who is involved in leather products design.  He has a beautiful example of the Postino bag in his office.   When I commented he chuckled and said, dead serious: “Yes.  Stolen of course.  They are very hard to get.”   Now why didn’t I think of that?