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The Suitor Belt

Suede so smooth and colors like candy – the Suitor belt! We just introduced these belts to our website this week and sent you all an email to show you just how delicious these colors are. These belts are just another way you can suede into summer. For men, you can add this belt to a pair of dark wash… Read more →

Bosca Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Planning all year…making sure all items are ordered…putting price tags on every single leather good…asking for friends to help set up and close down and ring up sales… And then ordering shopping bags… making signs…posting on Facebook…sending out invites…gathering credit card machines, calculators, and pens…the list goes on and on.  “What for,” you might ask. This is for the Bosca… Read more →


What exactly is a CUCITO, anyway?

We are introducing a new Bosca product line, distinctively named the CUCITO collection.  Correctly pronounced coo-chi-toe, the word derives from the Italian verb cuciare – meaning, “to stitch.”  Sometimes a product has a feature that is so distinctive, it becomes the heart and soul for that particular product.  The CUCITO wallet is such a product. Why we love the CUCITO… Read more →