A gift of history

Elizabeth Wallet Info CardToday we were pleased to receive a piece of history of our company from one of our Bosca customers. Through the mail we received a lovely package that was wrapped in a floral print and a ribbon. The box containing the gift even had a silver “B” printed on the front (assuming the “B” stands for Bosca).

Our customer, Elizabeth, sent us a wallet that she was left from her grandmother. We suspect that the wallet was made during the 1930s-40s. Contained in the wallet is a blank information card for the carrier in case the wallet was lost which was embellished with the Bosca crest on one side.


Bosca BuiltWhen the wallet is opened, there is an area in the leather that seems to be scratched out where a monogram on a person’s initials once was. Elizabeth believes that the wallet was a regift to her grandmother during the Great Depression. There is even a small gold print of the words “Bosca Built”. In the bills compartment of the wallet there is even a secret flap that Elizabeth mentions which can conceal paper bills.


We were so thrilled to receive this wallet in the mail. It was so exciting for our Springfield office to see this piece of history or our company and investigate what time this wallet was made. Thank you very much, Elizabeth for this kind donation of your grandmother’s wallet. It will be in safe keeping here at Bosca. Thanks, Elizabeth!