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The Suitor Belt

Suede so smooth and colors like candy – the Suitor belt! We just introduced these belts to our website this week and sent you all an email to show you just how delicious these colors are. These belts are just another way you can suede into summer. For men, you can add this belt to a pair of dark wash… Read more →

Your chosen seat could make or break a flight.

How to improve traveling with your kids

As summer is now in full swing, many of you will be going on vacations, weekend getaways, out of state visits and so on. Traveling can be stressful for anyone but traveling with kids has the potential to be a nightmare.┬áThe Bosca family has taken several trips to the beach, Italy and some others. Here is some insight on how… Read more →


A gift of history

Today we were pleased to receive a piece of history of our company from one of our Bosca customers. Through the mail we received a lovely package that was wrapped in a floral print and a ribbon. The box containing the gift even had a silver “B” printed on the front (assuming the “B” stands for Bosca). Our customer, Elizabeth,… Read more →

Hugo the office dog

Hugo the office dog

Hugo is an Australian Shepard-Lab mix with a little more. Courtney Bosca rescued him from the pound about 15 years ago. Chris and Courtney fell in love with him and they were lucky to get him. When she went in to visit, another person was playing with him, so Courtney quickly filled out the paperwork so she could take him… Read more →