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Behind the Seams

Behind the Brand with Christopher Bosca

For us “collection” is the word that we use for a group of products across a number of categories (like wallets, briefcases and business bags, travel, etc). There are always common design elements in the styling of the products, and then there is leather. For us, the entire creative process really starts with leather- even if we end up with a product that is mostly fabric.

It is the leather that inspires us. The rich smell of the hides, endless hours spent at the tanneries, and the immersion in the Italian “artisan” culture are muse-like. It is guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing. In fact, we have ideas waiting that we are just looking for a way to use.

We have several collections that are long-running like Old Leather, Nappa Vitello, and Tribeca. Others like Correspondent go back nearly 20 years, but have been completely re-invented at least once. Anyway- look for the leather first.

Our design process is heavily influenced by our work in Italy, in every other way too- from our work in the artisan factories for hardware and sample making, to the streets and stores of Rome, Firenze, and Milan where the big global brands (mostly Italian) live side-by-side with local and regional makers and retailers. Someone somewhere said that poetry without rhyme is like playing tennis without a net. Creating beauty in leather without meeting the functional needs of our daily life is equally as irrelevant.

Life is a daily work of art in Italy. We hope that this shows up in every collection- Italian Design, American Function. In other words, though every collection starts with the influence of Italy and leather, and is designed with a sense that style is important, practical demands of every day are there to be met and more.

We love every collection, and we hope that in one (or maybe two) of them you will see just a bit of yourself.