Basic Calendar Refill 3.75 x 6.75 - 2017

Basic Calendar Refill 3.75 x 6.75 - 2017

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  • This product is a standard Bosca stationery replacement or filler item
  • 3.75" x 6.75"

Our Leather & Process

Our leather wears in, not out. To create a product that gets better with age, we start with the highest quality leather. Bosca leather is made in Italy using primarily natural vegetable tannins. Each hide is individually hand stained with a translucent pigment for a rich coloration. This process showcases the leather’s natural characteristics. Upon completion, each hide is inspected and individually signed to ensure only the best quality.

Over a Century of Quality Leather

In 1911, a young Italian immigrant named Hugo Bosca founded our company on a foundation dedicated to originality, ingenuity, and lasting quality. Today, the Bosca family and Bosca brand remain stubbornly dedicated to these timeless values. Every detail of each product receives our full consideration from design, to engineering, and, finally, manufacturing.

  • Hugo Bosca
  • Mario & Orsino Bosca
  • Chris Bosca
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Customer Reviews

Average Review 4.9
Love it, but...

I have loved my calendar/organizer since 1994! Yet every year I am disappointed in mid-June when I turn to the insert that reminds me to order the refill for the next year, and alas the next year is not available. For those of us who plan events in advance, please make the refill available a little sooner.

Shelly June 30, 2016
Love my organizer!

Love my leather organizer (please keep the Basic Refill coming) and it only looks better as it ages! However, my Lab loves it too and took a bite out of it. Any chance Bosca may reissue the leather 6- hole organizer? I need to replace... Thanks!

Gabrielle Keller December 30, 2014
I find the Bosca agenda an excellent product.

I was given a leather Bosca agenda several years ago as a gift and find it very convenient and well designed for daily use. I order my refills now via e-mail which arrive promptly by mail. Your service is always excellent!

Patricia Bender October 15, 2014
Same product as always.

I've had the same Bosca agenda for 15 years and purchase its refill every year. It has never changed.
I only wish it wasn't so expensive!

Gloria Sasturain September 24, 2014
I too have been buying the refill for my correspondent planner since 1999! My daughter bought it for me when I had just started my business.

I absolutely love it and can't function without it!!!! I hope you never stop stocking this item because I would be so devastated. I depend on my planner or as I like to call it, my Life Planner. :)

Synthia Avalos June 10, 2014
I have been buying this refill for my planner since December 1999 My husband bought me the leather daytimer with the address section.

I love it!!! I just hope you keep stocking it every year.

Leanne Hutcheson February 7, 2014
see above

see above

Donna Koch October 16, 2013
Bosca leather desk calender and yearly refills

My beautiful croco embossed leather desk calender, which I bought over 15 years ago, just gets better with age. Every year I order the weekly refills, and I am good to go for yet another year!

Kirsten Nusser October 10, 2013
Easy to write in, easy to read.

Basic refill fits well in cover, ample room for short notes, like the clear dates arrangement, and the next month calendar at bottom of page is very helpful for planning. This refill allows me to enlarge on reminders in my cell phone. Also, pockets in cover very useful for additional business cards, etc.
The basic refill is excellent adjunct to cell phone for mobile use. I recommend it.

John Ebert October 9, 2013

Love this planner. Very useful

M B Janicki October 9, 2013
Great compact calendar

Great size with plenty of room to write all that is needed.

Gina Perrotta October 9, 2013
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