About Bosca

For over a hundred years, Bosca has created beautifully functional leather accessories.

Our story begins in 1911

Our story begins in 1911, when a young Italian immigrant took a chance and set out to build his own business. Hand-crafting a beautiful leather purse, Hugo Bosca stitched together the beginnings of a business that would withstand a Great Depression, Great Wars, multiple recessions and countless fashion revolutions.

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3 generations later

Three generations later, Bosca still thrives from Hugo’s relentless pursuit of beauty and quality. Our artisan process ensures that each piece is created with heart and discernment, resulting in a product that is richly inspired. Meticulously detailed and enduringly beautiful, Bosca products refuse to be dull.

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Form & Function

The best art is the kind that helps us live more beautifully. Bosca leather accessories are beautifully created with everyday function in mind. Our distinct leather is selected with durability in mind, and our products are designed with your modern day necessities in mind.

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Our work is our passion. Our passion is our art.
We hope that our products help you to live boldly and differently.

Vivere ispirati. Live inspired.