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About Bosca

As a leading choice in fine Italian leather, Bosca has built a solid reputation on leather working rooted in the heart of the tradition. Founded in 1911, the brand is steeped in authenticity and has created a legacy built on excellence for over a century.

The founder of Bosca Accessories, Hugo Bosca, left Italy to pursue the leather trade in Boston. Shortly after that, he became a founding partner of the Bosca-Mackinnon-Reed company based in Springfield, Ohio. Hugo eventually bought out his partners in the 1930s and continued as simply Bosca Accessories. Taking full ownership over the company emboldened him to continue his life's passion for fine leatherworking.

Today, Bosca is in its third generation of family leadership and stands as one of the most distinguished names for fine leather rich in Italian craftmanship and impeccable standards. We push forward by building on the original foundation while blending tradition with modernity without sacrificing one for the other. While we work to evolve our brand, we're careful to respect our past and intend for it to permeate through each handmade Bosca leather product to continue Hugo's legacy with pride.

Why is our leather a superior choice in an ever-competitive market? For starters, we stick to tradition over trends. Each item we craft is rooted in a century of Italian tradition. Our Italian leather is tanned and then hand-stained using techniques developed over many years by the Bosca family alongside local artisans located in Tuscany Italy. Our hand-stained leather is then shipped from Italy to our factories in various locations for cutting and sewing. We have an international production strategy that includes factories in the United States, Italy, China, India & Bulgaria. Our factories uphold the highest labor standards. We believe this manufacturing strategy lets us give the best value to our customers while maintaining a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry.

Bosca is so much more than just the name of our brand. It represents the convergence of Italian history and design with American ingenuity. It stands as a testament to a family spirit that is infused into each and every product and celebrated with every stitch. We are truly dedicated to the art of its craft. All leather is hand-inspected and hand-stained to create beautiful and richly-inspired products that are also durable and functional. We stubbornly pursue the highest-quality materials to ensure that it lives up to its trusted name and reputation as a leader in luxury leather goods. Those who experience Bosca will feel the passion, craftsmanship, discernment, and heart that are the cornerstone and DNA of the brand.

Our passion extends to our customer service experience. We invite you to enjoy the full richness of these beautiful items infused with years of tradition and welcome any questions. Our friendly team is happy to assist you while shopping.