Old Leather

Executive I.D. Wallet

Executive I.D. Wallet
  • Executive ID Wallet
  • Executive ID Wallet
  • Executive ID Wallet
  • Executive ID Wallet
  • Executive ID Wallet
  • Executive ID Wallet
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  • RFID security lining
  • ID window
  • 5 card slots
  • Divided currency well
  • 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 1/2"
  • Old Leather by Bosca is hand-stained Italian leather. It has a glossy finish and a classic look.
  • Old Leather is certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leather.
  • Delivered in signature Bosca packaging - perfect for gift giving.


If you value clean design and quality leather, this is a perfect choice. When you think of the classic leather bi-fold wallet, you are likely thinking of our Executive ID Wallet.

The clear ID window easily shows your credentials. There are plenty of pockets, five in total, for all your business, credit, debit, and loyalty cards. The center cash well is likewise split into two sections to help you organize the contents of your wallet.

The unique character of this wallet comes from our signature Old Leather. The distinct look and classic design come from years of unwavering dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and style. Old Leather is Italian, hand stained, vegetable tanned leather that lasts for decades, aging beautifully over the years – perfect for the distinguished man.

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Our Leather & Process

Our leather wears in, not out. To create a product that gets better with age, we start with the highest quality leather. Bosca leather is made in Italy using primarily natural vegetable tannins. Each hide is individually hand stained with a translucent pigment for a rich coloration. This process showcases the leather’s natural characteristics. Upon completion, each hide is inspected and individually signed to ensure only the best quality.

Over a Century of Quality Leather

In 1911, a young Italian immigrant named Hugo Bosca founded our company on a foundation dedicated to originality, ingenuity, and lasting quality. Today, the Bosca family and Bosca brand remain stubbornly dedicated to these timeless values. Every detail of each product receives our full consideration from design, to engineering, and, finally, manufacturing.

  • Hugo Bosca
  • Mario & Orsino Bosca
  • Chris Bosca
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Customer Reviews

Average Review 4.85
Excellent product

This is the second Bosca wallet I purchase for my son. The first was purchased about 7 years ago and still in one piece and usable. But for his 30th birthday I wanted to get him a new one. He contacted me and commented that the leather quality was outstanding. So this mom and my son will be loyal consumers of your products. Thank you.

Y Flores November 7, 2018
Awesome Wallet!!!

I purchased this wallet for my husband as part of his Valentine's Day gift. He was floored. He loves the wallet and started using it instantly. He loves the leather and how well the wallet is made. The wallet holds all of his essentials and he could not be happier.

G. Hurd February 23, 2018
Best wallet you'll ever own

This is the second Bosca Old Leather I.D. wallet I have owned. The first one lasted over twenty years. I was afraid that perhaps today's product quality might not live up to its prior standards, but I was extremely pleased to see that the fineness of the leather and the precision of the stitching are exactly the same as they were when I received my first Bosca as a gift more than two decades ago. I would never buy another brand of leather good.

Greg Plumb February 14, 2018
No gimmics, just a good wallet

Simple beautiful design. Cards go in and out smoothly. No complaints from me.

Ryan January 21, 2018

wonderfully made beautiful leather and well worth the price

Michael Costello January 18, 2018
Bosca Customer for Life!

This was my second Bosca wallet in a year. After years of buying 'store bought' wallets, the Bosca Executive is so much better made and the fit in my pocket is more sleek. I'm quite confident this Bosca will last me for many years. A very fine product indeed.

Rick Church December 25, 2017
Great gift

This wallet is beautiful. Can’t imagine anyone not loving it.

Ronnie Latimer December 19, 2017
Good quality and great design

I think the wallet is great. The stitching looks great the wallet's size is perfect and the cardholders are the right size. I saw a review left by Patrick MacLean was concerned about how the first pocket on the left is smaller than the others. He said something like "With a card in that slot... you can't see much of the card above it... and I'm afraid that the lower card will fall out." Yes, it's smaller and if you do put a card in the smallest spot it does cover up the next card slot. To me it's no big deal i read his review before I bought this and I was worried. I'm telling you not to be. I have an easier time accessing my debit card with that smaller slot. I don't have any complaints about the cardholders I actually prefer having a smaller cardholder. I just keep my FOID card in the slot right above the smallest slot where I hold my debit card. It's just more convenient for me in my opinion that was fake news. Also, I decided to get my initials monogrammed on the wallet and I don't regret it. The monogram looks amazing. I am going to recommend the wallet to anyone I know. and anyone reading this review.

Jake November 17, 2017

Excellent quality

Lee Smith August 25, 2017

best i ever had

phil August 4, 2017
Good quality, good design.

Goo quality, good design. My husband love it. Thanks

Lucy Dinh June 23, 2017
Beautiful leather wallet.

I bought this wallet (dark brown) for my husband as a gift for Father's Day, and he loves it. It's a simple, classic, elegant design. I highly recommend it!

iarchenti June 19, 2017
Gorgeous piece. He loves it!

Bought as a birthday gift. It's perfect. Not only perfectly functional for everything he wanted but it's just beautiful! And only going to get more so with age. Thank you!

Melody March 28, 2017
Almost Perfect

Love the wallet. My only complaint is the bottom credit card slot is smaller than the three slots above it. With a card in that slot... you can't see much of the card above it... and I'm afraid that the lower card will fall out.

MacLean Patrick March 17, 2017
Soft thin wallet still carries all that's needed.

This stylish, great looking wallet is more than expected. It's thin look made me rethink what I really needed to carry and it carries all nicely without a bulge. The leather is soft and the black trim is just the right touch.
I'm your newest fan !!!

Michael Hartnett February 21, 2017
Great Wallet

This is my third Bosca wallet over many years and they always hold up really well. I'm hoping the same for this most recent purchase. The only downside I would say was in regard to the initials I had embossed on the wallet which, after only one week of use, are already starting to disappear and flatten out. Aside from that, the wallet is clearly well constructed.

Todd January 20, 2017
Great Gift

I gave this to my best friend for Christmas and he immediately filled it with the contents from his old wallet. He stated it would be his best gift this holiday season.

Linda December 15, 2016
for the love of Italian goods

Got this in cognac for my fiance and he loved it. Perfect size , great color, good quality leather, good craftsmanship.

Gia October 4, 2016

This is by far the best wallet I've ever owned. Great feel. Great look. Craftsmanship seems very good. My only qualms would be that the leather scratches very easily and will leave a mark. I plan on having this wallet a long time and when it gets to warn I plan on purchasing another from this company. Of your looking for a high quality wallet I suggest this one.

Mitchel Riddel August 19, 2016
Great value

Beautiful wallet! I ordered it in Cognac and the color was lush and the leather was very soft. Great quality product.

Kassandra July 12, 2016
The wallet is wonderful.

It'a a great wallet. In the future if I need one this is the one I will buy.

Dale Clowers May 14, 2016
The wallet is wonderful.

It'a a great wallet. In the future if I need one this is the one I will buy.

Dale Clowers May 14, 2016
The wallet is wonderful.

It'a a great wallet. In the future if I need one this is the one I will buy.

Dale Clowers May 14, 2016

Beautiful "rustic" wallet for my husband. I love that the divider is also leather.

Liz January 28, 2016
Excellent Product Quality

This is my second wallet from Bosca and your Old Leather is fantastic. The previous wallet held up superbly and the new wallet is built of the same quality. I cannot see myself being satisfied with any other quality wallet. The craftsmanship and the stain are fantastic.

Kevin LEwis December 9, 2015
Amazing craftmanship!

I found Bosca after my husband repeatedly told me he can never find a nice lasting wallet. I gave it to him and he loves it! It's really sturdy, the leather is amazing, and it holds everything he needs.

Caitlin Ithier March 24, 2015
Great product, quick delivery

The quality of the wallet is wonderful and delivery was quick.

Sally Mitchell March 11, 2015
Exactly what I needed!

My boyfriend is extremely particular about the quality and look of products, so when his fav wallet started falling apart I was hesitant to gift him one and did a lot.. And I mean A LOT of research before I purchased this Bosca wallet. I loved the nice clean look and the color for him (it matched fairly close to a pair of red wind boots he wears often). We live states a part so I shipped it for Valentines day and waited in anticipation for his reaction. HE LOVES IT!!! I could not be more thrilled, not only did he go on and on about it the day it arrived but he has repeatedly told me how much he really loves it since. Whether it last 1 year or 10 I will buy this wallet over and over again!

Crystal February 24, 2015
Great Wallet

I was hesitant to purchase this nice and pricey of a wallet but I am so happy I did. Great quality wallet!

Chris January 28, 2015
Favorite wallet ever!

I have had this wallet for almost a year and a half now and this thing is still holding together like new. I take it out and use it for one reason or another about 5 times a day (more frequently than that most days). Take note I also usually destroy wallets so that says a lot too. The longest I've ever owned a wallet was maybe a year. Finally the compliments never stop when people see it. Trust, you will not be disappointed!

Grey Smith January 12, 2015
Excellent customer service and beautiful wallet

I gave this wallet with monogram to my boyfriend for his birthday. I was so pleased with it and he loves it.

Jayme November 29, 2014
Gorgeous Wallet!!!

Best wallet i've ever had! It looks and feels great. I love it!

Oscar Delgadillo June 14, 2014
OK Product

Product is OK overall. The wallet came with three creases in the front that always show.

Michael Kelly October 12, 2013
Outstanding Wallet! Couldn't Be Happier.

This is the best wallet I've had, and probably will have. The have the dark brown color. Very high quality leather. Has a very nice feel to it. Plenty of room for dollar bills and credit cards.

Matt October 10, 2013
Great Wallet

Excellent quality. Very functional.

J October 10, 2013
Good Value but not holding up like my last Bosca wallet

The wallet is nice but the stiching at the fold is starting to fray and the corners of the wallet have bent in. Both of these have occured much more quickly that my last Bosca wallet.

Alex DAddio October 9, 2013
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