Old Leather

12 Pocket Credit Wallet

12 Pocket Credit Wallet
  • 12 Pocket Credit Wallet
  • 12 Pocket Credit Wallet
  • 12 Pocket Credit Wallet
  • 12 Pocket Credit Wallet
  • 12 Pocket Credit Wallet
  • 12 Pocket Credit Wallet
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  • 12 card slots
  • Divided currency well
  • Receipt slots
  • 4 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 1/2"
  • Old Leather by Bosca is hand-stained Italian leather. It has a glossy finish and a classic look.
  • Old Leather is certified Italian Vegetable Tanned leather.
  • Delivered in signature Bosca packaging - perfect for gift giving.


Let’s face it – minimalism isn’t for everyone. And sometimes, the average wallet just can’t handle everything you need it to carry. When that’s the case, we proudly suggest our 12 Pocket Credit Wallet, a generously designed carrier for everything you could imagine. Twelve card slots organize a variety of plastic, while two vertical pockets offer additional storage options (and are ideal for foreign currency).

You will also be happy to see that style hasn’t been sacrificed for substance with this piece, either – crafted from our fine Italian Old Leather, this case is available in black, dark brown and cognac. The grain and luster of each piece is one-of-a-kind, as the hand-stained vegetable-tanned leather develops its own unique patina with time and use. If you’re looking for something classic and capable that will last you decades (and look great while doing so), you’ve found it.

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  • Hugo Bosca
  • Mario & Orsino Bosca
  • Chris Bosca
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Customer Reviews

Average Review 4.8
Superior quality and handsome looks

This wallet exceeded my high expectations. It is of superior quality and exhibits handsome looks. The color and character of the leather makes it a shame to have hidden in your pocket but a pleasure to pull out and use. Buy with confidence.

Douglas E. November 20, 2019

I have had 10 of this wallet style and would never change and the Bosca Brand

Have had same style for over 30 years October 15, 2019
exactly what I wanted

this wallet was more money than I wanted to spend, but it is exactly what I wanted. this wallet is in the quality of wallets when quality mattered, you won't be disappointed. this is a 10 plus year wallet. extremely high quality. I would buy this again but I don't think I will need too.

djnash September 23, 2019
Pretty Good

I like this wallet very much. I purchased this wallet to replace a BOSCA wallet I had had for a long time. This new one is smaller than my first, but is adequate for what I need.

KWC July 16, 2019
Pretty Good

I like the wallet very much. I purchased this to replace a BOSCA

KWC July 16, 2019
Well Pleased

The twelve pocket wallet is just right. My daughter had given me one 12 or 13 years ago. I needed a replacement and that's why I got the Bosca again. She had chosen wisely and I wanted to repeat.

Raymond A. Bradbuury July 1, 2019
Gorgeous, functional Wallet

This is the nicest wallet I've ever owned. I've used this wallet for over 20 years and it's a wonderful piece. I always get it in Cognac and the smell alone is worth the price of admission. It's not cheap but with Bosca and especially this wallet, you get what you pay for. These wallets usually last me for about 7 years and they still are workable after that time but I'm just ready for another new one as I'm pretty tough on things and this wallet goes with me everywhere, especially to the beach almost every day I'm not working and sometimes it gets a little wet so it darkens up and after a while I'm just wanting the new Cognac beauty!

You can't make a mistake ordering this and once you have one you'll be captured for life!


Tommy V December 11, 2018
So Impressed

The quality of this wallet is amazing for the price, I got it as a Christmas gift for my dad. I’m sure he will love it. I’m also so impressed with this company, as a first time buyer, I ordered this wallet on thanksgiving day and received it 2 days later on Saturday...and it was personalized! I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for great quality leather goods!

Leah W December 7, 2018
The Best Wallet....Period !!!

I recently purchased my 5th "Hipster" wallet from Bosca. Each and everyone of them have been of the highest quality and provided years of use. There is no better man's wallet on the market. I will be a life-long user.

Johnny R February 5, 2018
Mens Bifold Wallet / Monogrammed

Beautiful piece of craftmanship and quality leather! My husband loves it!!

Sherry & Randy M. January 2, 2018
Nice Piece

This wallet is made of beautifully finished leather that is very smooth and supple to the touch. Bought it for the 12 card capacity; wish it two more card slots. Very happy with this piece.

Mark P. December 13, 2017
Just Very Happy With My New Wallet

Ok, I got my new 12 pocket wallet yesterday and transferred all my crap from my old walled into the new one. It's basically 1/2 as thick now. I had one of similar shape and size years ago but it finally wore out and I had trouble finding a similar replacement. The internet wasn't very big back then... I ended up with a tri-fold that was bigger than normal and that was only and lasted me several years. Then I replaced that one with my last wallet last year. It was an expensive wallet and frankly, it sucked It was a bi-fold and when I put everything I carry into it was 1-3/4" thick. I admit, I'm a hoarder when it comes to junk in my wallets. Anyway, after transferring everything to my new wallet, it's only about 1" thick. Now that doesn't sound like a massive difference but it's HUGE. This new wallet is SO MUCH more comfortable to have in my back pocket than my last one.
Now as far as craftsmanship, I'm completely happy with it. It's a beautifully warm color, the workmanship is quite nice. My cards fit the pockets well and aren't too tight or too loose. It's very flexible even thought I bought the old leather version and not the upgraded leather versions.
All in all, I've just very happy with this wallet so far. I'll let you know if I have problems with it down the line.

-Mark April 28, 2017
best wallet ever

I used a 12-pocket wallet for ~15 years and loved it. Not only was it a well-made product with fine, soft Italian leather, it also satisfied my many wallet needs. When it finally showed signs of wear, I was delighted to find they were still being made. Great wallet!

Paul March 30, 2017
Too big for me

I ordered this wallet for my husband for Christmas. However, it is too large for his hand and for his back pocket. He said he struggles to get the wallet in and out of his back pocket and usually it requires 2 hands to do so by pulling the pocket away so that the wallet will slip out. It is a gorgeous wallet with lots of room, wonderful quality and beautiful old leather color. Unfortunately I will be returning it for the 8 slot bifold wallet.

Charlotte December 28, 2016
Quality through and through

Always a big fan of Bosca. Top quality

Steve S December 5, 2016
Great quality

Beautiful wallet , well made . Fits in pocket fine but its little big so it takes some effort to pull out of the back pocket.

Brendan November 17, 2016
Holds everything.

Nice soft leather. Stitching had a sharp edge at corner. Wish it was a little thicker leather, otherwise very nice.

J October 22, 2016
Slight cracks along seams.

When the wallet was delivered and before any usage, there were slight cracks along the top seams at the back of the wallet.

Ann Teng October 5, 2016
To large for me

Excellent product. I returned because it is to large for my needs.

JOHN CANAS September 23, 2016
Great wallet

Great wallet. No complaints.

Kurtis Vinsant August 29, 2016
Outstanding craftsmanship

Had the identical wallet for 20 years. It finally was wearing out. Delighted to find it is still being made. Thanks much.

Ned May 31, 2016

Excellent wallet, very pleased with purchase.

Randall Lair April 28, 2016
Worth every cent

First off, this wallet is HUGE. Front pocket wallets have been my preference for a while now so I knew what I was getting myself into before purchasing- but even after receiving it it's still a little surprising. I tend to wear a lot of sweats on off days which makes a rather large bulge in my front pocket. Jeans/slacks aren't so bad as it fits a back pocket nicely. Other than that gripe, this wallet is wonderful. I was a little hesitant to shell out $100+ for a wallet, but I'm glad I did. It's color, luxurious supple leather, as well as overall craftsmanship down to the stitching are top notch! My girlfriend and I often find ourselves admiring it whenever I open it up. The slots are perfectly spaced and all content inside looks clean and professional. Since acquiring more credit cards something like this became a must. I'm looking forward to its aging process as I hear it tends to wear in, not out. Happy customer here.

Gee M. March 31, 2016
Just what I wanted

High quality, maybe a little pricey but worth it

Kal Johnson March 23, 2016
Great wallet

Great wallet it is one of the best wallet I ever purchase in my life and I had many
I love this so much Thanks Bosca great job..

Charles. Rao March 21, 2016
looking good!!!!!!!!!


CHAR March 14, 2016

This wallet was EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Greg January 28, 2016
Very nice

My husband has had three of these wallets over the years. Cards fit well and he says it is the perfect size for his back pocket. This is what he wanted for Christmas this year.

Carolyn LaRue November 10, 2015

Excellent craftsmanship. Perfect size for my needs. A great gift from me to me.

Alan Lazar September 15, 2015
My favorite, last one made it over 9 years.

Good looking, high quality, holds a ton, slips in and out with ease. Securely holds the credit cards so I can be slow to grab the tab.
What else could you want?

peter boli July 10, 2015
It is top quality

My old Bosca I have had for 20 years had 10 pockets. I should not have bought the 12 pocket. It is just a tad to large to be comfortable. But, that is not your fault. My mistake, but it is a nice wallet. Thanks.

Walter R. Norwood February 17, 2015


PHILIP January 10, 2015
Very Nice

This is my second Old Leather 12 Pocket Credit Wallet. My first one was brown and lasted approximately 10 years. I'm sure I will get the same use out of my new 12 Pocket "Red" Wallet.

Darrel November 4, 2014
High Quality

This is my second wallet from Bosca. Impeccable quality and love the ability to see all my cards at a glance. Great product.

steve kraus October 22, 2014
Wonderful quality and holds all my credit cards.

I was looking for a wallet that would hold the maximum amount of credit cards and Bosca Old Leather 12 Pocket Credit Card Wallet fit the bill. Wonderful quality and looks great not too thick.

Peter Paris September 2, 2014
I know of no other products that can match the quality

I know of no other products that can match the quality

Gary Herwick August 15, 2014

Nicer than my old Coach 8 pocket wallet, and it has 4 more pockets! Fine leather and stitching. Pockets hold cards very securely - I expect they will loosen over the years, so starting a bit on the tight side is perfect. I'd not want to try to put two regular credit cards in one slot, but two laminated insurance cards works fine. Stitching is very finely executed. Interior bill divider is a high quality, but non leather, fabric of what appears to be something like nylon.

TM Olinger August 6, 2014

Initially I was reluctant to spend $100+ on a wallet due to experience with longevity of previously purchased wallets of other brands. But, to make things perfectly clear, this Bosca wallet has out-performed and out-lasted any wallet I have ever owned. Now 10 years later, it still maintains that luxurious leather smell and is still going strong. A sound investment in quality.

Ellis Q. July 25, 2014
Quality Leather and Workmanship.

I have owned only a few wallets over the last too many years, Hartman and Bosca's, The Bosca held up better that is why I purchased the Old Leather 12 slot wallet. This may be the last wallet I will need.
The Old Leather is great quality and will look richer and better over time.

Robert Edwards June 10, 2014
Bosca makes a qulity long lasting wallet

I have purchased two Boska wallets prior to this one. The first was close to 25 years ago. They were used hard and stood up good. I am sure this will be the last one I will have to purchase. The one I am replacing is starting to wear out after 14 years. I had it when I lived in China and traveled all over south east Asia. It is a great size wallet for all of the different sized currency I had to use. I like the lighter color cognac, it turns a nice rich color after years of use. Having the number of card holds is nice, you can spread your cards out not putting stress on one holder and having a less chance for it to tear. I do not mind spending the money on an item that will serve you well for so long. Anyone looking to make this purchase I would say that you should not be disjointed.

Robert May 31, 2014
Very nice replacement wallet

An excellent wallet, very close to exactly what I wanted. It's great having a dozen slots for cards. Right now, it's quite difficult to get certain cards out of their slots, probably because the leather is still so new and therefore quite tight. It's a fairly large wallet, but for me personally, I need this and prefer something a little larger. Nice deep banknote area with a center divider. Can accommodate much larger banknotes than US dollars. Looks very elegant with nicely polished dark brown leather. Definitely a keeper.

Jonathan Sacks April 11, 2014
Good Quality, beautiful wallet

I bought this wallet for my husband to replace a Hartmann wallet he has carried for about 2 years. The size and pockets of the Bosca wallet were exactly what he needed and he was very pleased!

Kelly Z March 10, 2014

Replaced a favorite wallet that I used for 20 years. Identical except larger. Expect it will last another 20 years

Gary Smith January 28, 2014
excellent quality

like the quality and number of card slots, 14 or 16 slots would have been even better. What I didn't expect from the online views was the divider in the dollar bills compartment, preferred a single compartment, but minor issue. Difficult to find a wallet this size with the number of credit card slots, so glad that Bosca came through for me!

Weldon November 25, 2013
A great product

This is the third Bosca wallet I have owned. It has excellent workmanship and all the features I could want with multiple credit cards, ID's, etc.

Robert Rosenberg November 1, 2013
Very Nice

Looks well made; if it lasts as long as the previous version ( 10 pocket ) we'll be in business. The 12 pockets give lots of space to keep cards of all sorts organized.

Cliff October 31, 2013

Very satisfied with the wallet. It's my third one and I'll continue to buy it as long as you keep up the quality.

Ed Rehrman October 31, 2013
If you want the best wallet out there, buy this one - you will be very pleased.

I ordered this wallet because I had a Bosca wallet that I bought 18 years ago. This wallet is just as good quality and workmanship as the old one that I had, which simply wore out from 18 years of daily use. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a larger wallet. Fits back pocket great and holds all of my credit cards, cash and family pictures without being so "fat" that it is uncomfortable. If you want the best wallet out there, buy this one - you will be very pleased.

Mark Hollowell October 16, 2013

Expensive but outstanding quality!!! Well worth the price!!!

William Buden October 11, 2013
Excellent product

This is the 3rd Bosca credit card wallet I have owned. That may sound like they might not last, but each was probably over 6 to 10 years old and were used every day. It's a great product, well made with quality materials, and an excellent design for carrying credit cards. I recommend the product.

Donald Johnston October 10, 2013
Too shiny, too fat

The wallet looked much shinier and was much fatter than I was expecting. I was looking for something very slim.

James Bierman October 9, 2013
Absolutely GREAT!

The wallet is fantastic. The workmanship and materials are the best.

Earle Garvin October 9, 2013
Beautiful Wallet

My husband loves this wallet!

Donna Vincent October 9, 2013
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