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Cold Weather

The Marco Water-repellent Jacket


Puffy yes- but you won’t want to take this coat off. Bosca’s approach to winter is anti-bulky, anti-confining. You will float through the cold thinking warm and pleasant thoughts. People will be attracted to you, and your world will be at peace. And you will, of course, look great. We partnered with a great Italian company to bring you this wearable artwork.


  • Total comfort
  • Water Repellent
  • Easy care
  • Wrinkle-resistant

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The Marco Water-repellent Jacket
 Chris Bosca headshot Chris Bosca

“We believe that each of our products tells an inspired story. Our team thoughtfully designs and passionately creates products that are both handsome and functional.”


Quality is in the details. Our leather is selected and stitched by hand, ensuring that our products are stunning and bold.


Made of only the most durable leather, our bags will withstand years of abuse by gym lockers and unapologetic TSA officers.


We approach our craft as artists, believing that every piece we create tells a unique story. We pick up our inspiration from the streets and people of Rome, Firenze and Milan.

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